PUBG Mobile has just teased what could likely be a new mode known as ‘Cold Front Survival’ coming on April 16. From the teasers, it seems the mode will be unlike the Battle Royale format that the game is known for. 

PUBG Mobile has been hinting at this new mode since the beginning of this year. However, even with today’s teaser, official details regarding it are close to none. From what we can gather, drones might be introduced in the game although we don’t know how exactly they will be used. CoD Mobile has introduced drones as a scorestreak and they’re used for killing players in the multiplayer mode. 

However, this PUBG survival mode might not require much killing, apart from just animal hunting. Players will have to survive the blizzard by looking for food and heat sources. 

There’s also a possibility that this could be just a new map instead of a new mode, as some of the game’s fans seem to think. Other reports suggest this mode could be laid out around the Vikendi map. 

The survival mode was, in fact, spotted previously in PUBG Mobile’s 0.17.0 beta. If that beta is any indication, this will indeed be a survival mode with incoming cold waves, allowing players to look for shelter and gather resources for survival. 

Apart from the new survival mode, leaks suggested that there would be a new gun game mode as well in an upcoming update.