May 17, 2022


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Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPU is looking pretty in silver according to newly leaked images

Intel has been pretty limited-lipped about its forthcoming Arc Alchemist GPU, but some not long ago leaked information and facts might eventually shed some light on the graphics card’s actual physical features.

Both of those sides of the graphics card have been leaked, showing off a charming silver coloration, a excellent shot of the supporters, and the PCB format, in accordance to a video clip from Moore’s Regulation is Useless. The images also exhibit that it might use eight and six-pin electric power connectors, which previously puts it at drawback considering the rumored PCIe five. electric power connector that gives 600W of electric power with only one cable.

Earlier overall performance test leaks counsel the Intel Arc Alchemist 512EU model will boast 16GB GDDR6 memory and 4,096 FP32 Execution Models quickly matching the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 and 3060 / 3060 Ti as properly as AMD’s RX 6700 XT and 6600 XT. The decrease-stop DG2-128EU GPU model will most very likely activity 8GB of GDDR6 memory and 1024 FP32 shading models, creating for stable levels of competition in the very low-stop GPU marketplace.

Evaluation: Also tiny much too late?

Viewing a probable model for the Intel Arc Alchemist graphics card is terrific information, though the pin count is unquestionably disappointing and could provide to keep back the 512EU model. Plus, the 2022 launch day could genuinely hurt Group Blue’s income prolonged-term.

The 512EU model previously doesn’t match with Nvidia’s latest prime puppy, the RTX 3090. By the time it launches later subsequent calendar year, equally Group Purple and Environmentally friendly most very likely will have even more robust GPUs lined up for launch.

But of training course, this is all conjecture dependent on leaks and rumors, as we nevertheless do not have formal term from Intel on the Arc Alchemist or from Nvidia and AMD on any foreseeable future GPU releases.

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