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  • Straightforward set up
  • Good Wi-Fi 6 general performance

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  • Bulky nodes
  • Some controls deficiency depth

Mesh wi-fi has develop into the go-to solution for extending wi-fi vary in a lot of tiny workplace and property workplace environments, and also has a potent subsequent among the customers. Linksys has been in the activity for a though, and has a new Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) model of its Velop Total Property Smart Mesh WiFi 6 (AX4200) Program. The two-node kit I was sent charges £375, though a one node charges £226 and a three-node package charges £579. Linksys says just about every node will address two,700 square toes (two,508 sq m). In the US, a one AX4200 node charges $249.ninety nine.

Set up is simplicity by itself. Download the mobile app, configure a login, link whatsoever you designate as the ‘primary node’ to your internet router by using the Gigabit WAN port and to mains electrical power, and then return to the app to wander via the handful of levels that total set up. The complete system was uncomplicated, and my two-node technique was up and functioning in below 15 minutes. 


The Velop Mesh Wi-Fi 6 (AX4200) nodes measure 114.3mm (4.5in.) square by 243.8mm (nine.6in.) tall and weigh 943.5g (two.08lbs).

Image: Sandra Vogel / ZDNet

The nodes themselves are significant, measuring 24.4cm significant and eleven.4cm square. They should not be hemmed in — at the rear of cupboards, for illustration — as this will interfere with their potential to operate optimally. As a substitute, these white plastic monoliths will probably produce a bit of visible litter. 

The tri-band technique provides a best velocity of 4.2Gbps, which was lots to meet up with my domestic demands, together with powering functioning from property, relatives movie contacting and delivering streaming amusement expert services. If wired connections are preferred, then every node has three Gigabit Ethernet ports at its disposal. 


Ports and connectors on the Velop Mesh Wi-Fi 6 (AX4200) nodes: USB three. 3x Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit WAN electrical power.

Image: Sandra Vogel / ZDNet  

There is also a USB-A port on just about every node, and this can be employed to connect exterior storage so that content can be shared and streamed by any individual on the network. I tested this with an exterior tricky push and sharing labored beautifully. There are even some instructions on how to access shared gadgets by using various working units in the Linksys app. 

The app is neat and accessible. It is uncomplicated to set up visitor access on the hoof, with a private password that provides internet access but no visibility of desktops or related gadgets, so that visitor accounts can be switched on and off as desired. Nevertheless, some controls are much less expansive than they could be. Parental controls incorporate blocking internet access from distinct gadgets on a schedule or on demand, but web-site blocking is managed by manually adding URLs, which is a inconvenience. 

Video clip contacting can be supplied priority in excess of all other kinds of activity, and it is also achievable to prioritise up to three gadgets for bandwidth use, with the remainder sharing whatsoever is still left. So, those operate calls going on though other people are working with the good Television set may no longer stutter.  

Effectiveness throughout testing was quite spectacular. Almost everything seemed to operate a minor bit quicker, and the arrive at was exceptional. My present technique will not stretch into the kitchen or to the far stop of the yard, but the Velop WiFi 6 (AX4200) managed both, and speeds in these places seemed as fantastic as those in my property workplace right by the router. 

With property workplace functioning a great deal more prevalent for a lot of people today presently, a sound mesh wi-fi technique might be a sensible expenditure. The Linksys Velop WiFi 6 (AX4200) is uncomplicated to set up, even for newcomers to the principle, and though the thorough controls could do with a bit more depth, these may perfectly occur as Linksys develops the technique more.

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