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How to Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace As a Brand

If you want to join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as a Brand, applying to create an account on TCM (Tiktok Creator Marketplace) is Very Easy And Familiar, the method is very similar to setting up other social media profiles. You just need to provide a phone number and Email ID to get started. However, the real challenge begins once you sign up, as you try to find the right content creator for your brand. You need to follow a few steps before you collaborate with influencers, read on how to Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace.

How and Terms and Conditions to Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as an Influencer

The main requirement to be able to Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as an Influencer is to have a lot of followers at least 100,000+, aged 18+, have responsive fans. To have a lot of followers and popularity, you must do the following things:

  • Upload content regularly (at least once a day) so that other TikTok users are curious about your next content and want to become your followers.
  • Create original content creatively (not repost or take other people), for example, culinary coverage, product unboxing, tutorials, how to cook, and humor content.
  • Share TikTok content on other social media (Instagram and Facebook) to increase the chance of getting new followers.
  • Collaborating with other TikTok users, especially TikTok celebrities who already have many followers.
  • Use the right hashtags to make your content easily searchable by other TikTok users.
  • Create up-to-date content based on the latest trends or viral topics that are currently being discussed.

The Benefits of Joining the Tiktok Creator Marketplace as an Influencer

As you already know, TikTok is an application that can be used for free. Of course, besides being able to be used at no cost, there are still many other advantages when using the application, one of which is that Tiktok provides TCM (Tiktok Creator Marketplace). Here are some of the benefits that can be found when joining the Tiktok Creator Marketplace as an Influencer:

Accept Endorsement

There is one way to make money on TikTok that is similar to sponsored content posts, namely endorsement. The difference is, endorsements are usually carried out by Small and Medium Enterprises that actively use social media.

In the endorsement system, you will be sent a business product or service for free and then required to make a positive review about the business. TikTok influencers who actively interact with followers are usually preferred because they are considered to be able to significantly influence buying decisions.

In addition to receiving free products or services, you will also get paid according to the agreement made at the beginning of the collaboration.

Creating TikTok Consulting Services

If you are good at increasing followers and optimizing the content on TikTok, you can also open a consultant service. Since TikTok is relatively new, many people still don’t understand how to use it.

Usually, consulting services guide new people who want to reach thousands to millions of TikTok users. Your work may include:

  • Optimize content;
  • Manage their TikTok account;
  • Create a marketing strategy;
  • Provide account growth reports;
  •  Looking for influencers and partnership offers.

Given that TikTok has an algorithm that makes it easy for viral content, you can start by first learning how viral marketing works.

Sell ​​Your Products

If you are already famous and have quite a lot of TikTok followers, you can start selling your products. Maybe in the form of merch or even your product.

For example, Addison Rae Easterling, a TikTok star who has the opportunity to release her make-up product called Item Beauty.

Make sure to try this method because TikTok itself is a free promotion platform that anyone can use. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make short videos about benefits, testimonials, to the process of developing your own business.