Whether you are publishing your ebook, producing your CD or DVD, or publishing a guide, or any product that offers information online, the importance of a great cover design cannot be underestimated. Some people believe that the content is more important than the cover, but any good marketer knows that a great cover should be able to appeal to the senses of the prospective buyer. It should be able to communicate in just one page what the author is trying to say.

In the past, there are only very few choices available when deciding to produce your ecover. It usually involves hiring a graphics artist where you will have to pay a large amount of money for services rendered. Now you can take advantage of online ecover design software for all of your ecover needs.

The beauty of this online ecover design software is that it is platform independent. It doesn’t matter if you are using a PC, a Mac or a Linux because you have nothing to install on your hard drive. Everything is web-based and all you will need really is that you have a fast broadband connection.

The first thing to do is to upload your pre-chosen image or artwork. The software will then instruct you to perform several Photoshop Actions to get your desired result. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience using Photoshop because all the instructions are very clear. Once this is done, the online ecover design software will generate a professional 3D image of your ecover. That’s all you need to do to have a professional ecover for your product.

The best thing about this online ecover design software is that it has over 200 templates to choose from. It can also design minisite graphics, order and subscription buttons, badges and seals. It saves you time and money and will maximize your profitability.

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