A question that many business owners grapple with is whether to use a premade website design template, whether free or premium, or whether to invest in a custom website design. Today, we’ll take a look at these two options and see why a custom website design is the way to go.

Some business owners go for an existing template without thinking too much into it. After all, going that route is a lot easier and cheaper. All you have to do is choose a template and install it on your site. If you are using a free template, you don’t even have to pay for it.

Cons of Using a Premade Template

The truth is that an existing template simply doesn’t compare to a custom website design. The disadvantages of free templates are many. For example, many other sites will be using that template already; you won’t be unique, and you won’t able to stand out from your competition. In addition, additional features will be limited as you will have no flexibility.

Even if you purchase a premium design, you will still face some of these issues, though perhaps on a smaller scale. Many premium designs are still popular and used on many sites. In addition, although they may have premium features and additional support, they were not designed with your business and its needs in mind. Rather, they were designed to accommodate all kinds of businesses across different industries.

Another problem with premade templates is that they may not be the best when it comes to SEO or usability. For example, some templates may have certain coding or heavy plugins that slow down the site. Some may not be coded with SEO in mind. Others may not have the best navigational features.

Another problem is support. Free templates will have no active support. Even premium templates, which will have support options, will not have the same level of personalized support that you will get if you hire someone to create a custom design for your site.

Security is also a concern. With a popular template that is available to many people, there’s always a possibility of someone figuring out a way to exploit the source code.

Why You Should Invest In a Custom Design

A custom design certainly requires investing more than simply choosing a free or premium template. However, there is no denying that it is a worthwhile investment.

First of all, you will get a design that’s personalized specifically for your business. You can make custom requests and ask for custom features. Having a customized design gives you the best opportunity for improving your brand image. It will allow you to set the tone of the website and convey any message that you want.

A custom web design lets you stand apart from any competitors. You can start from scratch; you are no longer limited to a predesigned frame with which you would have to work, which would severely limit your options and give you less flexibility.

Another advantage of custom web design services is that you can have all of your needs met according to your exact specifications. You are not limited to working with whatever a template already has to offer. You simply create the design to fit your needs.

Finally, having a team of highly skilled developers at your service means that you will get a level of support that you will never get with a purchased template. You can have customizations and modifications made if the need arises. Your website will be updated regularly and any bugs will be fixed quickly.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, while custom web design services will take a bit longer to create and cost a bit more, it is something that every serious business owner should invest in. Our web design services will help you rise above the competition and succeed in your industry.