Visiting a tattoo laser clinic and getting treated by professionals is really the only option for effective tattoo removal. There are a number of other methods available today but these other methods have a number of drawbacks with the main one being that they simply are not able to get the job done properly.

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to get rid of a tattoo. Perhaps you got your body art when you were a teenager and as you got older your tastes may have changed. Perhaps you’ve ended a relationship and want to remove the name of your ex. Tattoo removal is not only for people that have had a change of heart and are no longer happy with a decision they made years ago. A lot of patients that visit a tattoo laser clinic want to get a tattoo removed or lightened to make room for a new one.

Whatever the reason for wanting to get your tattoos removed, laser treatment is your best option. Other options that are currently available are dermabrasion and various fading creams. Dermabrasion is very much what it sounds like, using an abrasive to actually scrub away the top layers of skin in order to get to the ink. If it sounds painful, that’s because it is. It also has a significant risk of scarring and infection. The various fading creams on the market are not any better. Many of the creams simply don’t work and if they are able to fade a tattoo at all, the results are minimal and take a very long time for you to see any significant progress. Fading creams use chemicals applied directly to your skin in order to lighten the ink and these creams could cause a rash or even permanently change the pigmentation of your skin.

Finding a good tattoo laser clinic means that you will be treated by licensed professionals that are certified tattoo removal specialists. Microdermabrasion Laser removal will not be completely pain-free but the pain is equivalent to what you may have felt when you were getting a tattoo. Laser treatments do not have the same risks and side effects that you would face with dermabrasion and fading creams and it is a far less painful method then scrubbing off the top layers of skin. Many laser clinics will also guarantee removal, if there is still visible in after you have completed the recommended number of treatments a lot of clinics will continue to treat you for up to an additional year at no extra cost.

Laser treatments are not like waving a magic wand, there will be some costs involved and it may take weeks or even several months for a tattoo to be fully removed but the end results will be far superior than any of the other methods available today and without the risk of scarring, infection, or permanent skin discoloration. If you have a tattoo that you need to remove, a visit to a tattoo laser clinic is your best option.