As the name suggests, Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting service in which the person or entity who has a hosting account can ‘resell’ the bandwidth and hard drive space to third parties for hosting their websites. If you want to become a reseller, then you need to purchase a Reseller Hosting plan from a provider and then sell it to customers. In simple words, Reseller Hosting allows you to offer hosting services to customers as if you were the hosting company yourself.
In order to become a hosting reseller, you need to select a web hosting company which offers reseller accounts, choose between Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting plans, understand the requirements of your target market, create hosting packages that meet the requirements and start selling.
What does the Reseller Package include?
Usually, you get the following features in a Reseller package:

  1. Disk space based on your package (for e.g. 40GB, 200GB, etc.)
  2. Bandwidth for data transfer (like 800GB, 4000GB, etc.)
  3. Unlimited websites
  4. SSL Certificate (Charged or Free)
  5. Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  6. Emails
  7. Support

Benefits of Reseller Hosting
The benefits of Reseller Hosting are as follows:

  • Cost Efficient

A Reseller Hosting package allows you to offer the resources to multiple customers for hosting their websites. Usually, these plans are available at considerably cheaper prices and also allow you to enter the hosting industry without having to spend on expensive resources both technical and human.

  • Server Maintenance is taken care of

Since you are purchasing a hosting plan from a web hosting company, it takes care of all the server maintenance tasks for you. While you get to sell hosting plans to people, you are also free of all the hassles pertaining to maintaining the server.

  • Income Generation

A hosting reseller purchases a plan from the web host with bulk space and bandwidth allotted to him. Subsequently, they create hosting packages and sell it to customers at the price determined by them. This allows the reseller to earn profits.

  • Feature-rich plans

The web hosting companies which offer Reseller Hosting accounts offer features that give you complete control over your customer’s accounts. Therefore, you can create a range of products to suit the requirements of different customers. You also get complete access to your customer’s contact information, billing information, etc.

  • Control Panel and WHM

In the case of Linux Reseller Hosting plans, most providers offer free cPanel and WHM along with the plan. This allows you to create as well as modify hosting accounts and manage clients seamlessly. Further, as a reseller, you can decide if you want to offer the control panel to your customers.
A Reseller Hosting account is a simple, efficient and cost-effective way of entering the web hosting industry. However, before you purchase a Reseller Hosting account, research well and look for providers who provide good support and a feature-rich Reseller Hosting account.