Web design basics that will help you create a fantastic website

We live in a click-based world where everyone needs products and services that are fast and easy without much effort—creating a high demand for online platforms to explore what they need.

But the exciting but unfortunate part of scrolling for what they want is that  75% of users don’t prefer to scroll beyond the first page creating a high competition between businesses to ensure that their website ranks on the first page itself. 

Thus the need for the best website designs with the help of SEO strategies that improve website visibility and drive high traffic is essential. In addition, an optimized website design help attract and retain visitors, improving business sales. 

Hence, many web hosting providers and domain hosting in NZ also include web design services, allowing businesses to appeal to SEO and customers. 

Through this article, we shall look into tips for the best website design in NZ that will help you boost your traffic with the help of SEO-friendly strategies.

  1. Optimization of web design based on search intent

Do you know there are four different types of search intent i.e. when a person searches for a product or a service, their search is based on these four aspects-

  • Informational intent: When they are looking for just information.
  • Navigational intent: When they are searching for something particular app or website.
  • Commercial intent: When their search intent is to browse for options for purchase as they still need to finalize their purchase.
  • Transactional intent: When they already know what they want and are ready to buy a product and then search for it

Such intent is entered into the search engine with a combination of words known as a keyword. Then the search engine identifies these keywords to give the best possible result. 

Therefore, businesses need to smartly optimize their web design to reach their target audience based on their search intent.

  1. Creating Engaging Title Tag & Meta Description

Title tags and meta descriptions form an integral part of audience search, as when a person searches for something, it shows the top 10 websites with a short description known as title tags and Meta descriptions. 

The description is essential as they navigate you to decide which link to click. Therefore it is essential to create engaging title tags and meta descriptions that help to grab and drive high traffic to your website.

  1. Mobile friendly website is a must.

According to statistics, around 2 billion people prefer to browse through their phones, creating a need for businesses to create a web design that is also mobile-friendly. 

Therefore businesses need to build mobile-friendly versions of their websites to rank high on Google’s SERPs. 

  1. Work with Images

Images play an essential role in driving organic traffic, as most users prefer products with images to buy a product. 

Therefore it is crucial to optimize images on your website for the Google image section, i.e., use JPEG, PNG, or WebP formats to cap page size and speed, squeeze images before uploading, and add suitable alt-text to help browsers comprehend the image. Utilize all keywords properly but avoid overexposing them.


A well-designed website that is smartly optimized for the search engine can significantly help to rank your online business. 

Therefore, one must ensure they optimize their web design in NZ based on intent, create engaging and relevant title tags and meta descriptions, create a mobile-friendly website, and optimize images. 

With these simple steps, you can quickly drive high traffic and rank high on search engines without hassle.

By Rehan

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