Microsoft has produced variation 16.5 of its Visual Studio 2019 IDE, with enhancements for cellular development, debugging, and C++. Released March 16, the new variation of Visual Studio 2019 is readily available from the Visual Studio web site.

Visual Studio 2019 variation 16.5 brings a amount of debugging improvements. The Pinnable Properties resource for controlling debugging is now readily available in C++ for Details Suggestions and the Autos, Locals, and Observe home windows. A different new functionality eases debugging of multithreaded purposes, by letting people to view which managed thread is holding a .Web item lock in the Call Stack Window, Parallel Stacks Window, and the location column of the Threads window.

The skill to debug procedures functioning in Docker Windows containers has also been extra. Previously, this was restricted to Docker Linux containers.

Improvements for .Web cellular development include XAML Scorching Reload for Xamarin.Sorts, which speeds up development and makes it easier to iterate above an app’s consumer interface. The application does not want to be rebuilt with just about every tweak, as changes to the XAML file immediately present up in the functioning app.

Other new capabilities in Visual Studio 2019 16.5 involve:

  • For C++ and CMake cross-platform development, builders can interact with saved remote connections above the command line. It is also less difficult to do the job with CMake projects, with builders able to increase, take away, and rename supply files and targets in CMake projects from the IDE without having manually enhancing CMake scripts.
  • Builders can change if statements to switch statements or switch expressions.
  • IntelliSense now supports completion for unimported extension solutions.
  • String interpolation refactoring can be simplified, to make much more concise and legible.
  • The .Web Object Allocation resource has been current to assistance visualize date much more conveniently and minimize time desired for memory investigations.
  • .Web Core assessments now can be profiled.
  • Debugging support has been extra for the Open Enclave SDK for reliable execution environments.

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