Ultimate Viktor guide: Best League of Legends runes, builds, tips & tricks

ByArlen Simpelo

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Viktor is a person of League of Legends‘ most beloved mid-lane mages and, although he’s become extremely well-known to perform, mastering him can be very challenging. Here’s a rundown of his best, runes, merchandise, and guidelines & tips.

Viktor has been one particular of LoL’s most well-known battlemages considering that he was released 10 several years ago.

His reputation massively spiked in 2021 with the launch of Netflix’s hit present Arcane where he shined as 1 of the most important people.

Irrespective of whether you just watched Arcane and want to consider your hand at Viktor for the initial time, or have been actively playing him considering that release, here’s anything you want to know about The Machine Herald in Year 12.


high noon viktor league of legends
Riot Online games

The Significant Noon variant is Victor’s most the latest League of Legends skin, unveiled in Could 2022.

Who is Viktor?

Viktor is a machinist hailing from Zaun, the polluted undercity of Piltover. An idealist, the Zaunite has focused his everyday living to the development of humankind and uplifting of Zaun which he thinks can only be achieved via the wonderful evolution of technologies.

The Device Herald has even augmented his own body via science and metal, turning himself into a dwelling piece of technological innovation. Viktor is also effectively regarded for imbuing Blitzcrank with hextech technological know-how, turning him into a acutely aware getting who serves the undercity.

On Summoner’s Rift, Viktor is a mid-lane mage who can deal astronomical ranges of problems both of those as a lane bully and a hyper scaler for the late video game.

Viktor qualities & gameplay

Viktor’s package is characterized by significant harm as effectively as crowd command (CC) outcomes. His skills all have a essential effect as nicely as an Augmented bonus impact at the time upgraded as a result of his passive, Glorious Evolution, granted by farming minions and scoring champion takedowns.

His Dying Ray (E) is applied to poke opponents in lane as effectively as thrust minion waves immediately. Seem to both equally max out Dying Ray first, as well as pick out it as your first Increase considering that the bonus effect of exploding the ray will assistance you in the mid-activity substantially.

Siphon Ability (Q) is an significant investing instrument in lane. It grants you a protect on cast as effectively as a chunky stick to-up empowered assault. Use the protect to soak up incoming injury so you won’t be compelled out of lane so conveniently.

Viktor can also stay clear of ganks by using his Gravity Subject (W) which sites a significant gravitational subject on the floor to sluggish then stun opponents. By applying the protect from Siphon Ability and proficiently putting your Gravity Subject you can outplay ganks from the opposing jungler with relieve.

Chaos Storm (R) is his greatest potential which produces a relocating singularity that specials magic problems as very well as interrupts enemy channels to all in its path. The damage it discounts is quite substantial and can chunk out enemies who are lumped collectively, and interrupting channels can be helpful when pitted from opponents who rely on channeling spellcasts.

  • Passive: Glorious Evolution — Viktor can increase his primary talents when he will get kills on enemies.
  • Q: Siphon Energy — Viktor blasts an enemy device working magic hurt, getting a protect and empowering his up coming fundamental assault. Augment: Siphon Power’s protect is increased by 60% and Viktor gains reward Move Speed immediately after casting.
  • W: Gravity Industry — Viktor conjures a major gravitational field that slows enemies in its radius. Enemies who keep inside the system for far too long are stunned. Increase: Viktor’s non-periodic spells apply a slow to enemies.
  • E: Demise Ray — Viktor employs his robotic arm to hearth a chaos beam that cuts across the discipline in a line, dealing hurt to all enemies in its route. Augment: An explosion follows the Dying Ray’s wake, dealing magic harm
  • R: Chaos Storm — Viktor conjures a singularity on the subject which promotions magic destruction and interrupts enemy channels. The singularity then periodically does magic injury to all close by enemies. Viktor can redirect the singularity. Increase: The Chaos Storm moves 25% a lot quicker.

Very best establish for Viktor

As a mage who needs to lay out hefty hurt to get team fights, Viktor positive aspects from goods that grant him higher AP numbers as well as magic penetration.

His ideal Mythic merchandise is possibly Luden’s Tempest or Lindary’s Anguish based on how tanky the enemy team is. Luden’s is heading to be a additional secure merchandise for him but Liandry’s can be a terrific selection when the enemy staff has tons of champions who construct HP merchandise.

Soon after your Mythic merchandise, seem to decide on up Shadowflame into Rabadon’s Deathcap to give you the optimum volume of hurt feasible in most eventualities.

If confronted with assassins and large burst injury, Zhonya’s Hourglass is a great defensive option to survive group fights.

Best meta Viktor builds in Period 12

  • Mythic: Luden’s Tempest / Liandry’s Anguish
  • Boots: Sorcerer’s Shoes / Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Starting Product: Corrupting Potion / Doran’s Ring

Victor make paths:

  • Shadowflame
  • Rabandon’s Deathcap
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Void Staff
  • Morellonomicon
Robot Viktor in League of Legends.
Riot Game titles

Viktor was initially unveiled in LoL way again in 2011.

Most effective runes for Viktor

The runes that do the job finest for Viktor are the types that support him offer the best amount of money of injury feasible although scaling for his mid-to-late game.

Glimpse to acquire To start with Strike from the Inspiration tree given that it assists him deal a little bit of excess harm against opponents he initiates on as very well as passive gold profits to assist him get to his second and 3rd products faster.

Magical Footwear and Future’s Current market are quite great for The Equipment Herald, helping him to attain his energy spikes with more goods a lot quicker.

Yet another good possibility is Summon: Aery which will offer bonus problems to enemy champions. Be knowledgeable, Aery should only be taken when you know you can bully the opponent through laning period.

Sorcery is following, as Complete Target and Accumulating Storm are two runes that will make you an complete monster in the late game.

Prime meta Viktor runes in Year 12

  • 1st Strike
  • Magical Footwear
  • Future’s Market
  • Time Warp Tonic
  • Complete Emphasis
  • Accumulating Storm
viktor league runes
Riot Games

Greatest runes for Viktor in League of Legends Period 12.

Viktor skins in League of Legends

Viktor can be a tough character to master, but after you get the hang of him, you are going to be an complete wrecking ball of damage on Summoner’s Rift.

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