Swift Copy! Strategies for Freelance Writers to Raise Money & Output (Section II of II)

The subsequent is a continuation of the six strategies I outline for raising freelancing creating revenue and output in yesterday’s write-up. With no even further ado:

4. Sequence: As in, split for a longer time posts into Portion I, Aspect II, and so on. I like crafting collection for two factors: i) I get more legs out of just one issue ii) I promote far more, which can lead to more operate from a publication.

Right after all, if a publisher likes your operate more than enough to buy a series from you, they’re going to possibly be open up to functioning with you on a much more standard basis. This will work effectively for publishers in some occasions simply because, like a cliffhanger on a Tv set series, it keeps their viewers coming back.

5. Compose What You Don’t Know (In Bits): Ultimately, you are likely to operate quick on topics you know about – specially if you are in the practice of developing a sure quantity of perform.

Creating about what you will not know broadens your human body of do the job and your knowledge base. Looking into a piece will usually lead to ideas for additional article content.

Observe: Writing about what you will not know is likely to get more time than crafting about what you know. So, you will be producing less. To counteract this, produce about what you never know in items. Eg, research it over a handful of days so as not to take away from your output as well seriously.

6. Generate Tech: This variety of creating commonly pays much more. The rationale I solitary out this genre, relatively than say, medicine, is that most use technological know-how. We just you should not consider about it due to the fact it is so commonplace.

You’d be astonished at how a lot of folks really don’t know basic factors you may well consider for granted. Eg, introducing a signature to your e-mail, saving shots from a digital digital camera on to a laptop, downloading songs into an iPod, and so on.

I was listening to Z100, a well known radio station in Atlanta, a couple months back and I heard the host of the exhibit, Bert, say that he had no clue how to down load songs from the World wide web. You’d believe that if anyone would know this, it would be a person like him.

I got an iPod for Xmas, and I am clueless as to how to download tracks into (onto?) it? See, I you should not even know which phrase matches. Until my 13-calendar year-old nephew receives time in his hectic program for his Auntie, which is just going to have to wait around.

My stage, you just in no way know who requirements the facts you consider for granted. So, don’t just take the tech information you do have for granted. Make it fork out – and do the relaxation of us a favor. “Loading Your iPod” – short article any one?

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