May 26, 2022


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Project Valhalla tees up Java object model improvements

OpenJDK’s Task Valhalla, which explores superior Java language and JVM aspect alternatives, is going forward with a staged shipping of value objects, primitive objects, and unification of primary primitives.

Over-all, the formidable Valhalla task is intended to recover a rift amongst primitives and objects. The 3 crucial abilities, cited in a December 2021 blog post, “The Condition of Valhalla” by Brian Goetz, Java language architect at Oracle, are explained in JDK Improvement Proposals (JEP) presently pending in the OpenJDK local community. These 3 abilities are:

Started in 2014, Valhalla has the ambitions of bringing extra adaptable, flattened knowledge kinds to JVM-based mostly languages in get to restore the alignment amongst the programming design and the overall performance properties of modern day components. A current 3-part series of blog posts on the task — “The Street to Valhalla,” “The Language Design,” and “The Condition of Valhalla” — outline the pursuing ambitions:

  • A generics approach that involves common generics and specialised generics.
  • Unification of primitives and objects so primitive-like kinds can be declared with classes although retaining particular runtime properties of primitives.
  • Migration of several value-based mostly classes in the JDK to value classes.
  • Enabling knowledge layouts better suited to the overall performance of recent components by furnishing Java developers with an much easier path to cache-successful and dense memory layouts without compromising abstraction or style protection.

Valhalla is sponsored by the HotSpot Team, which is comprised of developers concerned in the structure, implementation, and routine maintenance of Java’s HotSpot virtual device. The task presently has sent on warnings for value-based mostly classes, presented in Java sixteen in March 2021.

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