We can’t count the number of trees today but we can notice the reduction in their figures. On large scales, trees are cut down recklessly every year. Historically, trees were homes to our great ancestors. Before developing the idea of house construction, many of our great grandparents used to live in forests. They were a felicitous feature and worldliness to them. There was no need to search for food elsewhere because it was hunted and planted  within. The enchanting relationship they had with trees enabled them to live longer. They never saw or heard of metallic oxygen cylinders. This was because trees provided oxygen to them in plenty. The medicine that they consumed, the food they ate, all the fruits and meat were purely natural and fresh; they didn’t contain harmful chemical liquids or substances at all. Our hominins lived in the lap of luxury because of the respect that they accorded to trees.

From the Boomers 1* Generation to Generation Alpha, a multitude of citizens and netizens are incurrious and aloof on the symbiotic relationship we have with trees as well as ignorant about their economic and social importance to us. We all agree that trees give us free things like oxygen, herbal medicines, fruits and many others for survival; but why can’t we all agree to save trees! We need trees. Trees need moisture, soil nutrients, sunlight and carbon dioxide but most importantly care from us. Their call is for us to plant and replant them.


We get much oxygen from trees for free of charge. Imagine living in a world with billions of people and very few or no trees at all. It would mean survival for the fittest.

Many countries especially in Africa have dusty roads. In Europe, Asia and the Western world, the developments of various factories lead to the spread of harmful powdered fumes in the air. The dust and fumes are absorbed from the air by trees thus cleaning our environment and saving life.

Today many people have better standards of living because of trees. Think of how miserable life without trees would be for those who work for timber, silk, rubber and paper processing industries. The vastness of these industries is an indication that trees provide a big percentage to the economic development of the world.

When we fall sick, we run to pharmacies and hospitals to buy medicines and get treatment respectively. Little did we know that trees have medicinal properties used in healthcare industries. Now look! Our chances of getting cured from diseases would be less if we had no trees in existence.

People who have an opportunity of living near trees or forests can testify about how euphonious sounds from species in forests can be. These sounds include; birds shriek, insect buzz, frog yelp, mammals scuttle and clicks from bats. The sounds are mind blowing and a sign that shows various species nurtured by trees. 

Sometimes we wonder why there are people that prefer living in areas surrounded by trees to those without trees. It is simply because they relax and soothe their minds. Trees absorb  a considerable amount of sound and help to reduce noise pollution. A noise free environment helps an individual to think positively and constructively. Leisure time spent in a noise free environment is more enjoyable than that in a destructive noisy environment. That’s why many people like to sit around parks surrounded by trees.


Start now to make others start with you

Start from your home

Don’t wait for bells to sound. At least plant 1-2 trees on your compound if you have little space. This will create a bridge of memories for your family and you. You will be exemplary to people in your community. One tree you would have planted could result into the plantation of more trees by your neighbours. From You to Them will be the tree planting channel you would have created.

Engage in tree planting activities in your community.

When called upon by tree planting groups to volunteer for tree planting, please do so for your own benefit and that of others. It doesn’t cost much; all you have to do is show up. Working with others to plant trees shows how responsible you are and creates a reputable profile for you in society. Plant a tree to make people remember your name and feel your presence even when you’re out of the picture.

Show solidarity to businesses that have interest in tree planting.

Sometimes you might be caught up in other activities but would still like to support tree planting and conservation activities. You can still make a difference in environmental conservation without showing up. This can be done by financially investing money in tree planting projects carried out by businesses with goals and visions of conserving the environment. The profits from your investments go to Mother Nature and would be enjoyed by your future blood lineage.

Raise your voice to campaign for tree planting and replanting.

Your voice about tree planting will be heard if raised in  social, political and economic circumstances. No one can silence or stop you from talking about matters that benefit every living creature on earth. Join political parties and rallies that support environmental conservation. If you happen to be at a social event or gathering, sensetize people about the importance of trees and encourage them to plant more. Go ahead and enlighten people about the contributions of trees and forests to the development of your country. For instance, you can talk about how trees attract tourists from other countries to your country and how these tourists bring in foreign exchange and revenue to your country through tour taxes levied by the government, talk about factories that rely heavily on trees for raw materials, construction materials e.t.c and point out how medicinal properties from trees are helping to cure various diseases in your community. All these and many others will enable people to support your ideas of tree planting.

Navigate information via search engines that support tree planting.

You can make your daily internet surfing valuable by using search engines that are eco-friendly. A case in example is Ssebowa. One of it’s major aims is to conserve the environment through using it’s profits to carry out tree planting projects in various parts of the world. With Ssebowa, you search to plant trees where they are needed most, feed the hungry and support other humanitarian services.

Give moral support to people who dedicate their time to tree planting

Not everyone is committed. A few among many are self-driven to serve their countries through tree planting; they sacrifice their well-being for the betterment and beautification of their countries. Give moral advice to those who are willing to save nature wholeheartedly; motivate them in order to plant more trees knowing that they are not alone in the cause. This will inspire many to join and smoothly enable the facilitation and maintenance of tree planting tasks. By doing so, your indirectly and directly engaging in tree planting.

Create awareness about tree planting over your social media platforms.

Make your social media platforms stand out from the rest by posting information about tree planting and conservation. Like and follow social media groups and pages like Ssebowa and others focused on environmental conservation and try to convince your netizen friends to act towards tree planting.

By Rehan

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