Java 8 was launched 6 many years in the past this thirty day period and has been succeeded by numerous other Java versions. Even so, Java 8 — aka Java Advancement Kit (JDK) 8 — is likely the most-applied model of Java today, an Oracle official acknowledged on March 12.

Even though thirty per cent to forty per cent of Java buyers are thought to now be working with Java eleven or later on in manufacturing, even much more buyers are almost certainly working Java 8, explained Georges Saab, vice president of program improvement in the Java platform group at Oracle.

For that cause, Oracle not too long ago agreed to offer you fee-centered Extended-level assistance for Java 8, showcasing added upkeep and updates, until finally December 2030. Extended-level assistance for Java 8 was supposed to finish in 2025, but consumers sought an extension.

Saab cited anecdotal evidence in his evaluation of Java 8’s ongoing prominence. Backing Saab’s evaluation, the Snyk JVM Ecosystem 2020 report, published previous thirty day period, reviews that 64 per cent of Java buyers polled are working with Java SE (Conventional Version) 8 for their most important software in manufacturing, whilst 3 per cent claimed working with an even before model. A quarter ended up working with Java eleven. The report was centered on 2,000 responses from a study taken in the latter 50 percent of 2019.

JDK 8 and JDK eleven have been designated as long-expression assistance (LTS) releases, which Oracle backs with numerous many years of assistance, while JDK 9, JDK 10, JDK 12, and the forthcoming JDK fourteen launch are function releases that are supported for 6 months. JDK eleven is thanks to receive Extended assistance until finally at minimum September 2026, with an extension to that day doable.

Oracle’s JDK releases are now on a 6-thirty day period launch cadence. JDK fourteen, showcasing abilities such as switch expressions and a international-memory obtain API, is thanks to arrive March 17. JDK 17, thanks in September 2021, would be the up coming LTS launch. Oracle provides subscriptions for assistance.

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