Following the footsteps of other OEMs, HMD Worldwide has revised the selling prices of its phones in India. The Indian government has greater the GST on smartphones from twelve percent to eighteen percent, and owing to this tax increase, smartphone sellers are rising the price of their phones as nicely. The Nokia two.three, Nokia 110, Nokia 6.two, Nokia seven.two, Nokia 105, Nokia two.two, Nokia 4.two, Nokia three.two, and Nokia 9 PureView are some of the phones that now mirror greater selling prices.

The Nokia two.three is outlined on the business web site to now retail at Rs. seven,585 in India. The Nokia 110, introduced in India at Rs. 1,599, is now retailing at Rs. 1,684. Likewise the Nokia 6.two is now retailing at Rs. thirteen,168, instead of the brought down price of Rs. twelve,499. Likewise, previously this 12 months, the Nokia seven.two price in India had been slashed from Rs. eighteen,599 to Rs. 15,499 for the 4GB + 64GB storage variant. On the other hand, the price of the cellphone has greater once again, and it at present retails at Rs. sixteen,330.

Nokia 105, Nokia two.two, Nokia 4.two, and Nokia three.two phones are now retailing at Rs. 1,053, Rs. 6,320, Rs. 10,008, and Rs. 8,428, respectively. The Nokia 9 PureView was introduced in India at Rs. forty nine,999, but the price has now been greater to Rs. 52,677 – an increase of Rs. two,678 in India.

All the modified selling prices can be seen on the business website, and the selling prices can also be seen down below:

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Apart from HMD Worldwide, brand names like Realme, Xiaomi, Apple, and even Oppo have revised their selling prices in India.