May 19, 2022


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Node.js trademarks move to OpenJS Foundation

Node.js logos have been transferred to the OpenJS Basis from Joyent, the company that initially led the improvement of the well known JavaScript runtime.

With the go, announced February 14, the OpenJS Foundation will be accountable for ongoing management of the logos. A job of the Linux Basis, OpenJS has hosted a number of open up supply tasks crucial to the JavaScript ecosystem which includes the jQuery JavaScript library, the Webpack bundler, and the Electron framework.

Policies governing the usage of Node.js logos will be dependable with other OpenJS venture emblems. OpenJS Basis personnel and its Cross Venture Council are doing work on attempts pertaining to locations including stability and range. For the earlier six yrs, Joyent has granted OpenJS Foundation and, ahead of that, the Node.js Basis, a perpetual, free license to use Node.js trademarks. Node.js is an Impact Project at OpenJS, a degree reserved for huge and experienced assignments.

The Node.js Basis and the JS Foundation merged in 2019 to sort the OpenJS Basis. Node.js founder Ryan Dahl was doing work at Joyent when he developed the engineering in 2009. Due to the fact then, Dahl has absent on to direct the development of Node.js rival Deno. Joyent is a member of the board of OpenJS Foundation directors.

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