The NTSB’s principal proof is log information that is saved to an SD Card inside of every Model X. This information records second-by-second adjustments in the vehicle’s steering-wheel placement, velocity, and other variables. NTSB examined log information from a month of Huang’s early morning commutes and found two days—February 27 and March 19—when the auto drifted towards the lane divider that would eliminate him times afterwards. In each situation, logs clearly show Huang applying torque to the steering wheel and guiding the auto back into its suitable lane.

That’s not all. A pal of Huang’s offered the NTSB a screenshot demonstrating Huang complaining about the concern soon after the March 19 incident.

“Do you truly feel AP [Autopilot] is superior?” Hans Ting questioned Walter Huang in a information on March 19. “I truly feel it is superior … A lot less jerky.”

Huang responded in Chinese. “Nope, I truly feel pretty much the exact same,” he wrote, according to the NTSB’s translation. “Practically led me to hit the median yet again this early morning.”

He extra, “Each and every time at the 85 separation it would generate me towards the center of the two strains.”

However, the NTSB was not ready to verify a further declare by the family—one that could demonstrate important in their lawsuit towards the electric carmaker. Huang’s spouse and brother say that he alerted a Tesla consultant about Autopilot’s steering challenge throughout a take a look at to a Tesla service centre weeks in advance of his death. Information clearly show that Huang did take a look at a Tesla service centre to address a challenge with the vehicle’s falcon-wing doors. A faulty sensor had induced a person of the doors to bump into the garage earlier mentioned the auto, resulting in small paint hurt.

The family suggests Huang advised Tesla about the challenge with Autopilot throughout that exact same take a look at. But Tesla has no document of this. Tesla records do clearly show Huang going to a Tesla store about the door challenges. And Tesla’s service logs clearly show that Huang noted an “concern with GPS/Navigation resulting in cruise handle to not perform and inform ‘maps not loaded’ to seem.”

What that’s referring to is not obvious just, but it looks like a distinctive concern than Autopilot steering into a concrete barrier. An interview with the staffer who talked to Huang and manufactured that be aware suggests he evidently remembers Huang complaining about the concern with the falcon-wing doors, but he does not try to remember nearly anything about Autopilot steering issues.

Huang was Playing a Game on His Cellular phone Minutes Prior to the Crash

Huang worked for Apple, and Apple issued Huang two smartphones. The phones were being loaded with improved logging capabilities to aid in troubleshooting challenges like memory leaks and too much power use. Apple assisted the NTSB recuperate these logs from a person of his cell phones, which was seriously weakened in the crash. The corporation offered sporadic but far from extensive information and facts about what software package was working on Huang’s phone.

“Three logs recovered showed that a recreation software, Three Kingdoms cellular edition, was lively throughout the driver’s vacation to get the job done,” the NTSB wrote in a person of its experiences. “The recreation is a globe-building, method recreation with multiplayer capability. When playing the recreation on a cellular machine this kind of as an Apple iphone eight In addition, most gamers have the two hands on the phone to guidance the machine and manipulate recreation actions.”

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At 9:06 am—21 minutes in advance of Huang’s crash—a log entry showed that Three Kingdoms was exceeding its memory limit. The entry showed the application to be in the foreground and in lively use. Then at 9:ten am—17 minutes in advance of the crash—”extremely lively” use induced a second log entry about substantial power usage.

The log information suggests that Huang was a common player throughout his early morning commute. Log entries for the recreation appeared throughout Huang’s early morning commute on each of the four times previous his lethal Friday crash.