However some companies are overtly pointing out their hottest technological marvels in their operating sneakers advert strategies, New Stability is rather a lot more laid again. But these proudly “Manufactured in U.S.A” jogging sneakers give some really state-of-the-art engineering that compares to other brands.


The N-ergy engineering is a really highly developed cushioning and shock absorption substance on the New Harmony 2009 line up. It is composed of resources that do not have vacant air spaces within. This stops it from rapidly deteriorating when compared to equal cushioning compounds in other models of managing sneakers. Situated primarily on the heel of the shoe this product allows the shoes to be extremely responsive. New Balance statements that runners get a incredibly clean changeover from the issue of impact to lift.

NB Zip

NB Zip is responsive cushioning technologies that is found on the rear 50 percent of the outer sole. It is composed of a sophisticated plastic strut system that performs different functions based on the phase of the foot fall. The NB Zip is divided into zones that give influence protection and pronation assist from heel strike to toe off.

Abzorb DTS

The Abzord Dynamic Transition Program is composed of 3 unique materials layers on the New Harmony managing shoe sole. The outer Abzorb Foam, mid-layer Abzorb SPS and the New Equilibrium engineered mid-sole foam can make up this tri-layer changeover program. This will allow a New Harmony shoe to offer exceptional cushioning and smooth transition all through heel strike. The shoes go from a tender landing in the direction of a firmer launch throughout the strike. Evaluations on New Equilibrium operating sneakers are positive on influence of this very easy heel impression.


Considerably like the tri-layer Abzord DTS, the N-Fuse comes in layers as very well. Though it is only composed of two layers the N-Fuse covers up the whole foot. New Stability calls the mid-soles dual density, with the inner foam furnishing delicate cushioning though the layer beneath it delivering composition and aid. The final result to the runner is a at ease cushioned experience when furnishing the assist wanted to fight overpronation.


A shocking enhancement in managing shoe engineering the New Harmony Rollbar attributes a composite strut within the heel assembly of the sole. This Rollbar travels from the lateral to medial facet. In the total configuration this reaches from wall to wall. The Rollbar which is positioned at an angle from the decrease lateral aspect to the higher internal facet of the heel. It is exclusive in a way that a one element can equally offer you defense on equally overpronation and underpronation.

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