NBN Co is hoping to use a proposed new pricing product to exam how much more it can acceptably cost end users for a 100Mbps service.

The firm is proposing to introduce flat-price wholesale rates on its 100Mbps tiers and above.

This would mean it does away with the unpopular connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) bandwidth cost on these tiers, but in performing so it gets rid of a variable value that introduced in added earnings.

To compensate for the loss of earnings, NBN Co has proposed to increase the price of flat-priced ideas after a 12 months, employing a new assemble of “CPI moreover 3 percent”. 

With CPI at latest ranges, that could necessarily mean a 6.5 per cent a yr value rise – which at least one retailer thinks is “not going to fly” and could final result in repercussions at a authorities stage.

NBN Co sought to clarify the CPI furthermore a few p.c thought at senate estimates, but in performing so disclosed that it intends to use the system to see just how a great deal additional end users will fork out for a broadband service.

“What we will do is test the market,” CEO Stephen Rue explained.

“It’s [available to us on a] a ‘use it or drop it’ [basis], if you like, so to the extent that it is not there and the merchants are not in a position to provide products and services dependent on that wholesale [price], we would change the price ranges. 

“It really enables us to examination what actually is the propensity to pay out.”

Labor Senator Louise Pratt sought speedy clarification: “How considerably Australians are prepared to pay out for these providers?”

“That, senator, is what we will see,” Rue reported.

Rue indicated that the use of the CPI in addition three per cent rate rise is intended to be made use of only in the to start with two yrs of the new rate design getting result – if without a doubt it is even accepted.

The flat-pricing product needs the support of the web business, but mostly does not go as considerably as many gamers want in terms of wholesale modifications to NBN Co’s pricing structure.

If not accepted in its existing variety, NBN Co wouldn’t get the chance to check selling price ranges in the way it would like to.

Rue also explained that the annually price increase would only effect the “100 AVC” – suggesting it would apply only to 100Mbps solutions that are sold at a flat wholesale level, and possibly not to increased pace tiers.