Offered all my Nikon DSLR equipment.

I acquired my 1st &#8220major&#8221 Mirrorless digital camera a few many years in the past when the Nikon Z6 arrived out. I purchased it primarily since I like new tech and I desired to see what all the fuss was about. Again then the mere point out of Mirrorless introduced Sony to brain. Sony obtained a massive soar on the business. Nonetheless, the handwriting was on the wall. Quickly all producers began their transition from DSLR to Mirrorless.

My previous digicam was the legendary Nikon D850. An amazing camera human body and in my viewpoint 1 of the very best cameras Nikon at any time produced. Since I now had a D850 I selected to get the Z6 in excess of the Z7. Again, I wasn&#8217t arranging on switching at the time. Nikon created it seriously easy to start off utilizing their Mirrorless cameras because they involved an (FTZ) adapter that manufactured it doable to use your present F-Mount Nikon lenses with no loss in quality. This was almost certainly the most significant point they needed to do if they at any time hoped to get individuals to consider or go to mirrorless. Bodies appear and go, but people today maintain on to excellent glass (lenses) for several years and a long time.

I started off utilizing the Nikon Z6 Mirrorless and I by no means stopped!

I even upgraded to the Nikon Z6 II when it came out. I hadn&#8217t recognized or seriously thought that I had switched to mirrorless years back, but I had. I wasn&#8217t taking pictures with my DSLRs any longer. I hardly ever prepared on this, but it just transpired. I obtained so utilised to the Z series that I began employing it total-time. I started off obtaining Z lenses that ended up scaled-down, lighter, and sharper.

Now in this article we are 3 decades afterwards and it strike me that I have all this &#8220old&#8221 tools that I just don&#8217t use anymore. Why am I keeping on to it? I usually say that &#8220tech is only truly worth fewer the for a longer time you maintain on to it.&#8221 Last Saturday, I purchased the past 3 mirrorless Z lenses that I was lacking and I went to my attic, grabbed all my DSLR products boxes, and boxed up almost everything I experienced that was DSLR. 3 bodies, 7 lenses, and other equipment. I obtained a quotation from KEH and B&H and transported it all to B&H. It&#8217s absent!

My changeover is finish and I&#8217m not on the lookout back again!

Shot with the Nikon Z6 II and Z 105mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

Routinely requested questions

Q. Why mirrorless

A. The positive aspects of mirrorless are lesser lighter bodies and lenses, far better extra state-of-the-art autofocus programs with car eye target, animal eye concentration and automobile target, quicker fps for much less dollars, viewfinder graphic critique, and you can shoot in complete silence (no shutter sound). Excellent for activities in which you don&#8217t want the shutter seem to be a distraction. Also, the mirrorless lenses are astonishingly sharp. Considering that impression stabilization takes place in the physique, there&#8217s no will need to have/invest in graphic-stabilized/VR lenses. Last of all a lot decrease sound in your photos.

Q. Any other explanation?

A. Every single 10 years or two there is a significant shift in technological innovation. Most big producers have stopped the growth of DSLR tech. This signifies no new DSLR bodies or lenses. The DSLR you have now will probable be the final 1 you purchase for the reason that there will be no updates from in this article on out. Recognizing that there will probable never ever be a Nikon D950 or D860 implies that I would be determining to never get a tech update and that&#8217s just not me.

Aspect benefit: I&#8217ve had issues more than the several years with USB mini and USB-3 connections on my DSLRs and tethering. So much so that I&#8217ve experienced hundreds of pounds in repairs to correct the ports/boards on a number of of my Nikons around the yrs thanks to my apparent large-handedness when plugged in. Getting a USB-C port on my smaller sized Z sequence cameras has been a desire!

Q. You mentioned you could use your aged lenses with the adapter. Why obtain new lenses?

A. Certainly, you can certainly use your current lenses with the adapter. With that reported the more recent mirrorless lenses are normally lighter in fat and sharper.

Q. What about precise lenses that haven&#8217t arrive out for mirrorless but?

A. I have one particular. I have a Tamron 150-600mm. I&#8217m keeping it since they haven&#8217t arrive out with a mirrorless equivalent yet. It performs excellent with the FTZ adapter in the meantime.

Q. Any downsides to your swap?

A. The only issue that I skip from DSLR is when I function in the studio. It was very a shock heading from wanting by way of the lens to seeking at a laptop monitor inside the camera. I&#8217m applied to it now, but that was the hardest issue to get utilised it at initial. There&#8217s almost nothing completely wrong, it&#8217s just distinct.

Q. Why Nikon Z6 II alternatively of Nikon Z7 II or even the Nikon Z9

A. Recall I was in no way arranging on switching. It wasn&#8217t that the idea was out of the query, it just wasn&#8217t planned. Because I experienced a D850 I didn&#8217t see the have to have to also have a Z7 II. Now if you advised me back then that you will be switching to Mirrorless AND providing up your D850, then I could have absent with the Z7 II as an alternative. Having said that, after shooting the Z6 and Z6 II, I&#8217m not actually regretting it. Would the Z7 II strengthen my images? Likely not. The picture high quality is extremely identical and some even argue greater on the Z6 II. In either circumstance, it wasn&#8217t worth the $1,000 change in price tag to me since I didn&#8217t want additional megapixels. The same goes for the Nikon Z9. By most accounts, it&#8217s just one of the best mirrorless cameras on the sector today! However, it&#8217s $5,496. I haven&#8217t compensated that significantly for a entire body considering that the Nikon D4. I most likely won&#8217t pay that significantly for a system at any time all over again.

Q. Why promote to a retail outlet instead of men and women? Aren&#8217t you leaving money on the table?

A. When you promote your equipment to a shop you are practically generally heading to get fewer for it because they are going to mark it up and resell it. I utilized to market things on eBay all the time, but I&#8217m so turned off to promoting to personal sellers because of all the ripoffs out there and the frustrations of working with men and women/strangers. I took significantly less for a problem-free transaction.

Q. Which camera and lenses do you have now?

A. Nikon Z6 II Mirrorless Digicam, Nikon Z 70-200mm f/2.8, Nikon Z 85mm f/1.8, Nikon Z 24-200mm, Nikon Z 14-24mm f/2.8, Nikon Z 28-75mm f/2.8, Nikon Z 105mm Macro, Nikon FTZ Adapter and just one remaining F-Mount (DSLR) lens Tamron 150-600mm.

Q. Because a entire switch involves purchasing new lenses, is this the time to also consider a unique brand?

A. Sure it is. Lots of applied the transition from DSLR to Mirrorless also as an possibility to switch to a various model. As I stated, several switched to Mirrorless and Sony at the same time. My write-up comments are complete of stories of persons switching to Fuji, Leica, Olympus, and other people. If you&#8217ve been considering a model swap, this would be the time to do it.

By the way, I did switch to Sony for all my Dwell Streaming and Movie stuff. I&#8217m working with the Sony ZV-E10 and Love IT! It&#8217s the swiftest most precise autofocus program I&#8217ve ever witnessed! Granted I haven&#8217t tried using the Nikon Z9 still (which is 5 occasions the cost).

Q. Do I have to swap?

A. Nope, not at all. You can hold utilizing your DSLR gear for as long as you like. My final decision doesn&#8217t impact you a person bit.

Q. Should really I get upset or defensive due to the fact you switched and depart indicate feedback below or on Facebook?

A. No want to be defensive. I&#8217m not telling you to do everything. If you&#8217re not intrigued in mirrorless, keep scrolling. This doesn&#8217t influence you. No have to have to get all in your thoughts. Retain undertaking you! You don&#8217t owe us any explanation as to why you&#8217re NOT switching.

The Base Line

It&#8217s genuinely not a issue of if most will swap to mirrorless, but truly a subject of when? The market (not me) has made the decision that DSLR is dead. That&#8217s rough to hear because most have invested good money on DSLR tools and it continue to functions good. The very same was stated about movie cameras when electronic was new. Folks fought that changeover as well. People today usually loathe change. There is nothing you &#8220have to&#8221 do nowadays or at any time. If you like upgrading to new machines while, the route for DSLR upgrades has come to an conclusion. You have been shooting mirrorless for a long time way too. Every single time you take a shot with your smartphone, you&#8217re taking pictures with a mirrorless camera.

Have a fantastic working day!

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