Exercise tracker bracelets and watches provide handy data, this sort of as step rely and heart rate, but they commonly just can’t provide more in depth details about the wearer’s wellness. Now, scientists reporting in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces have designed intelligent electronic glasses (e-glasses) that not only observe a person’s mind waves and entire body actions but also can purpose as sun shades and enable consumers to management a video clip recreation with eye motions.

Smart e-glasses can wirelessly observe EEG and EOG signals, UV intensity, and entire body actions, though also acting as sun shades and a human-equipment interface. Image credit history: Adapted from ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.0c03110

Equipment that measure electrical signals from the mind (electroencephalogram EEG) or eyes (electrooculogram EOG) can support diagnose situations like epilepsy and snooze diseases, as perfectly as management computers in human-equipment interfaces. But obtaining these measurements requires a constant actual physical get hold of between pores and skin and sensor, which is difficult with rigid products. Suk-Received Hwang and colleagues desired to combine gentle, conductive electrodes into e-glasses that could wirelessly observe EEG and EOG signals, ultraviolet (UV) intensity, and entire body actions or postures, though also acting as a human-equipment interface.

The scientists developed the glasses’ body with a 3D printer and then extra versatile electrodes near the ears (EEG sensor) and eyes (EOG sensor). They also extra a wireless circuit for motion/UV sensing on the facet of the glasses and a UV-responsive, color-adjustable gel within the lenses. When the sensor detected UV rays of a specific intensity, the lenses transformed color and grew to become sun shades. The motion detector allowed the scientists to keep track of the posture and gait of the wearer, as perfectly as detect when they fell. The EEG recorded alpha rhythms of the mind, which could be used to observe wellness. Finally, the EOG observe allowed the wearer to simply go bricks about in a well-known video clip recreation by adjusting the direction and angle of their eyes. The e-glasses could be handy for electronic healthcare or virtual truth programs, the scientists say.

Source: acs.org