Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Enter Thee Hottieverse’: Virtual Concert Review

ByArlen Simpelo

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As discussions about the marriage amongst VR and audio carry on to develop, Megan Thee Stallion invited her admirers into the “Hottieverse” for a piece of the action in the sort of a specific concert. Geared up with Quest 2 headsets, enthusiasts attending “Megan Thee Stallion: Enter Thee Hottieverse” were capable to hear the exact audio in excess of the theater’s surround seem and dance together, all though Megan is performing about two feet in entrance of your encounter in a personalized digital environment. At a time wherever artists are checking out new means to link with admirers, Megan’s VR encounter delivers a person chance of what happens with the next wave of lover engagement.

“Enter Thee Hottieverse” was a 10 city VR new music tour that ran from April to July of this yr. Powered by AmazeVR, the encounter married Megan’s charm and phase presence, with interactive technological innovation. On entering the theater, lovers (a.k.a. “Hotties”) had been greeted and directed to their seat as Megan songs movies performed on the key screen. As followers waited, they had been capable to mingle and meet up with other supporters in their regional area, like fostering a perception of community that mirrored creating new mates though waiting around on line for a clearly show.

Staffers then gave a brief intro of what to anticipate and how to delight in the demonstrate while remaining risk-free. The practical experience released with a short recreation that served as a first particular person shooter, but also a calibrator that measured one’s hand-eye coordination. Buddies were in a position to contend for little trinkets that resembled Megan’s pet pet dogs. At the time anyone finished the game, enthusiasts have been tasked with collectively “blowing up” the portal into the Hottieverse, where the concert part would then start off.

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Megan started her general performance by rapping the opening strains to “Savage” from her 2020 EP, “Suga.” As the viewer, you could seem close to the ecosystem and catch exceptional angles and details of check out. The atmosphere was spaceship-themed and was an elevated vision of audio movie sets from the ‘90s. Regretably as soon as the audio part started, the interactiveness diminished, as the environment could not be engaged with.

The following track was “Body,” from her debut album, “Good Information.” This time, Megan was joined by humanoid simulation figures that introduced their very own persona to the blend. They resembled IMVU and “Sims” people although blending in and elevating Megan. Admirers of simulation-driven video online games will appreciate the character style and innovative direction.

Megan started off the final music, “Kitty Kat” in conventional hot female fashion, by mixing twerking with refined 8-move choreography even though she appeared instantly into the digital camera. It felt customized and personal with out entering uncanny valley. As she finished the last verse, supporters could be heard leaping and shouting although recreating the choreography.  The crowd was energetic, but not incorporating the objects received in the pre-overall performance video game was a little bit of a missed prospect, as the circumstance called for VR supporter engagement after Megan begun.

Nonetheless, Megan is an artist who thrives on any platform she tries, from Instagram stay to arena stages, and that’s why “Enter Thee Hottieverse” is effective. The know-how absolutely surpassed makes an attempt this sort of as Travis Scott’s Fortnite collaboration and Muse’s Stageverse working experience.

However, the deficiency of relationship among the person-primarily based activities and the songs part left enthusiasts seeking something a bit far more partaking. Attendees were being also had been requested not leave their normal assembly location, despite the fact that a several fans surely did, to dance. At the extremely least, this gives a new opportunity for supporters to come to feel connected with their most loved artists, even though as a are living concert alternative, the technological know-how is promising but nevertheless has a way to go.