Hasil gambar untuk usb lighter
Business branding is about how you would want consumers to know you. Your business and the products or services you offer, as well as the many benefits they can get for patronizing your offers are all important aspects of branding. It should be well thought out as this is one way of effectively imprinting your name in every people’s mind. A good brand name and product quality will instantly be remembered by customers as soon as you ask them about a certain product or service that your company provides. An effective move to brand your business is by spreading out promotional items or products to your target market. There are a myriad of options and one of them is using lighters for promotional campaigns.

How can your business gain from using lighters for this purpose? It is a fact that there is a large percentage of the population who are smokers hence you get a big chunk of benefits from the items you are giving away. Smokers or not, many people tend to own a lighter or two for some other purpose plus they are more convenient to carry around than matches. Engraving or printing your company name, logo or perhaps a tagline of the services you offer will automatically work as your company’s marketing strategy. The moment a customer or someone uses this usb lighter he or she will be reminded of your company’s name as well as the services you offer.

There are three main types of promotional lighters that you can purchase and give away.

1. BIC lighters – BIC lighters are made of plastic yet they are durable. The brand is famous for its quality,safety and product longevity making it a great choice if you want to advertise and want to be remembered by consumers.
2. Refillable Butane Lighters – These lighters are much cheaper than the Zippo lighters. They are also refillable and are notorious for having different designs and colors that you can possibly think of. They are conveniently available in the market and traditionally have longer life service as compared to disposable lighters.
3. Disposable Lighters – Of all the three lighters presented, disposable lighters are the most inexpensive way to use as promotional items for your company. BIC lighters also fall into this category but they stand alone due to their superior reputation.

Lighters as promotional items are exceptional products to utilize for businesses that are looking for an effective advertising strategy or campaign material. Though they can be used by any company or any types of businesses, they are particularly a perfect marketing tool for liquor, grocery and cigarette companies.

They are definitely one of the most effective promotional items to give away. If you carefully and cautiously design the printing ideas for your promotional lighters, branding your business should be a painless and effective way that does not require much effort or expense. Most companies have a line or two as their slogan which, in addition to your logo, is also very effective if you want people to remember your product or company name.