HunterCatNFC tool

NFC hacking can be a challenging job with a lot of specialized resources, a proliferation of protocols, and a multitude of different units. [ElectronicCats] has completed a lot of work to consider to make this investigation available by creating an open up-source, hardware-accredited NFC software named the HunterCatNFC that can read and emulate a multitude of NFC devices.

The HunterCatNFC product is meant to be moveable and self contained, with LED indicator lights that can give data about the different modes, and comments about what details is staying acquired. At its core, the HunterCatNFC has an NXP PN7150 NFC controller chip to handle the NFC conversation. The primary processing controller is a Microchip SAMD21 which also presents USB operation, and the complete gadget is powered by a 3.7V 150mAh Li-ion battery.

The HunterCatNFC has three main modes, ’emulation’, ‘read/write’ and ‘peer-to-peer’. Emulation manner enables the HunterCatNFC to mimic the performance of a passive NFC product, only responding when an NFC reader troubles a request. The read/publish mode enables it to emulate an NFC reader or writer, with the skill to communicate with close by passive NFC devices. The peer-to-peer mode presents the machine the skill to have two way communication, for instance, involving two HunterCatNFC gadgets.

We’ve coated NFC hacking just before, such as the Flipper Zero. The HunterCatNFC is a high-quality addition to the NFC hackers arsenal of instruments with some incredibly wonderful documentation to find out from. For these not seeking to send out out their have boards to be printed and assembled, [ElectronicCats] has them for sale.

Online video after the crack!

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