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I’m a woman middle manager at a medium-dimension organization. “Ben,” a male colleague with whom I’m comparatively close, just explained to me that “Steve,” a male colleague with whom I’m not close, explained to Ben that he’s frightened of me. Steve and I never perform in the very same office but are in conferences alongside one another rather frequently, and now I’m so self-conscious around him. I’m a awesome person, not a bully, I swear, but I like to be immediate, which I believe Steve interprets as overwhelming? Ben thinks it is just simply because I’m a woman, but I have no idea how to act around this dude now—help!



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This is absolutely, definitely, indubitably going on simply because you are a woman. I need zero more facts about your workplace or your identity or Steve to know past a shadow of a doubt that he is either frightened of you—or he’s telling people today he’s frightened of you—because he’s awkward with women of all ages in the workplace.

I know this simply because I have been explained to four occasions that I arrive off as scary, and every single time the accuser has been a person. (In 75 p.c of all those scenarios, as in yours, the person has evidently been much too frightened to inform me himself, so I get the information filtered by way of however another person.) I know this simply because I requested a bunch of other women—women I know to be awesome people today!—whether a person has at any time accused them of staying scary at perform, and every single solitary just one stated of course. I know this simply because I have worked with numerous males who contact them selves feminists but visibly address males and women of all ages in different ways in the business office, and simply because I have worked with numerous women of all ages who have consciously or subconsciously altered their habits at perform above time to accommodate them. I never know your Steve, but I know Steve.

I also know simply because the educational research bears it out. A 2015 research posted in Individuality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that “men sense a lot more threatened (relative to women of all ages) by women of all ages in top-quality roles (relative to males in top-quality roles) and, as a result, engage in a lot more assertive behaviors towards these women of all ages.” In just one part of the experiment, males ended up instructed to make your mind up how to break up a $ten,000 reward involving them selves and a fictitious manager. When a woman manager was described as “ambitious,” males retained significantly a lot more than fifty percent of the cash for them selves. “Men are perceived to be a lot more deserving and ideal leaders than women of all ages,” just one of the study’s authors explained to the Cut at the time. “Ambitious agency is also constant with the male gender function. Therefore, males seeking power never dismantle or challenge the traditional gender hierarchy.”

Validation from an net tips columnist that the trouble is Steve and not you does not fix factors, I recognize. It does, although, enable us to confront the suitable trouble: You perform with a person who is awkward with women of all ages at perform. (Explained another way: You are not scary.) Hassle is, there’s no simple way to make males superior at performing with women of all ages (lol/sob). What ever you do, make sure you never try out to modulate your habits around Steve transforming who you are seldom performs pretty very well, and it is an unfair inquire no matter. Confronting somebody who previously thinks you are “scary,” meanwhile, isn’t probably to go fantastic either. You are going to sense self-conscious around him for a although, but try out your most effective to be your normal, form, immediate self—this is his trouble to deal with, not yours.

Let’s discuss about Ben, although. Some coworkers are so close that they inform every single other every thing, and if my closest colleague experienced failed to inform me that some dude experienced identified as me scary, I would be gravely let down. But your use of the word “relatively” helps make me believe maybe you and Ben’s are not that close, in which scenario he absolutely ought to not have explained to you. That’s not a information any person would want delivered by any person except an exceptionally close buddy! It’s much too late to put that toothpaste again in the tube, but Ben is seriously the just one with the obligation below. If he didn’t put Steve in his position in the second, Ben ought to go again and say a little something. He can start off by telling Steve there’s absolutely nothing scary about you, you are really fantastic to perform with, and that he ought to try out receiving to know you superior.

For added male-ally cookies, Ben ought to also gently propose (or not gently!) that it is a bit sexist to contact a woman scary simply because she suggests what she signifies. Yet again, it is really true that there is no simple way to make males superior at performing with women of all ages. But there is a tricky way: It requires the Bens of the earth stepping up.

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