The Yeedi K700 robotic vacuum will clean and mop your floors quietly and competently – without the have to have for voice handle – or a challenging-to-put in application.

The K700 is a good on the lookout robotic vacuum. White with a rose gold edging, it seems modern and elegant. There is only 1 button on the leading of the robotic – with a scanning digicam for mapping the space boundaries.

Within the box there is the vacuum, the mopping module which replaces the 600ml potential dust bin, a docking station and a basic remote handle, complete with AAA batteries.

The K700 does not have an application. It also has no way to schedule any cleaning schedule either through voice activation, or by means of a schedule on the remote handle.

This robotic is suited for the technophobe who is wary about configuring any settings on an application, or setting a timed schedule. It reminds me of the ILife A4S remote handle vacuum, or the Amaray A800 I appeared at past 12 months, for a back again to basics cleanse without the problem of an application.

The robotic can be controlled by employing the remote handset which you place at the robotic to commence or pause its action. 

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You can also send the robotic back again to its charging station or configure it do cleanse in location, or edge method. Its default is Vehicle method. When its battery is lower, after around 2 hrs cleaning, it will return to its dock to charge.

When vacuuming, the robotic zig-zags throughout the space and moves with a defined sample. To maximize suction method to a maximum of 2000Pa, double simply click the electricity swap when the robotic is in use.

If you want to mop frivolously dirty tricky floors, swap the dustbin to the optional mopping module, loaded with water. Attach the microfibre cloth, and commence the robotic.

The K700 has no boundaries to mark no-go places, so if you want to avoid it from mopping the carpet, shut the doorway to the space or roll up a rug. The K700 will mop for in excess of 3 hrs and sweep up any particles on the ground.

I like these multi-purpose sweeping and mopping robots this kind of as the iLife V8S, Deebot Ozmo 920, and the Roborock S5. You do not have to have to sweep the ground prior to mopping it – a pretty handy function if you are in a hurry.

I do endorse nonetheless, employing the mopping module day-to-day so your ground does not get also dirty. This module – like other 2-in 1 robotic vacuums I have experimented with, will only take out mild soiling from the ground.

I do like that you can also add a disinfectant option up to a ratio of 1:a hundred to the mopping tank, and rinse the tank after use, for further peace of brain.

Although it was challenging for me to keep in mind to use the Yeedi each day – I like to configure these robots to cleanse to a schedule, and forget about about them.

Numerous periods, I forgot to invoke the remote handle at the regular time each individual day. However, as soon as I commenced the robotic it identified all of the places in the residence to sweep or mop.

As the robotic has no saved map knowledge, sometimes, it has difficulty returning to its foundation, sometimes using twenty minutes or so to find its charging station. I have reviewed so lots of robots which have an application, and know exactly where to return to the foundation station, that I identified it irritating sometimes.

However, for simplicity, this is a good product. If you know a technophobe, who could advantage from a robotic vacuum then the Yeedi K700 is ideal for them. But make positive they do not misplace the remote handle.