Fujitsu and Tokyo Shinagawa Healthcare facility to develop an AI-based technology to aid the analysis of COVID-19 pneumonia

– The new AI technology will master from earlier CT scans of COVID-19 pneumonia clients, reducing the burden on medical doctors creating diagnoses

– Fujitsu will consider long term commercialization of this technology for broader health care applications

Fujitsu and Tokyo Shinagawa Healthcare facility today announced the start of a joint R&D undertaking for AI technology to assist diagnostic imaging by means of upper body CT (Computed Tomography), which represents a promising candidate for the productive analysis of COVID-19 pneumonia.

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The recently-proposed technology supports medical doctors accomplishing diagnostic imaging on clients suspected of having COVID-19 pneumonia, presenting the likelihood of an infection by means of a numerical, three-dimensional visualization of the unfold of shadows in the lungs employing upper body CT imaging. Implementing AI to this examination could appreciably minimize the burden on medical doctors who diagnose COVID-19 pneumonia by automating a system that typically demands the visible affirmation of hundreds of upper body CT visuals for every patient.

Determine one: Envisioned move of novel coronavirus an infection screening (AI diagnostic imaging designed by means of this joint R&D effort and hard work). Graphic credit: Fujitsu

Fujitsu and Tokyo Shinagawa Healthcare facility anticipate that the procedure will deliver early detection of scenarios of COVID-19 pneumonia based on upper body CT picture findings, even in scenarios in which the chance of an infection is decided to be lower upon first assessment.

This joint research will enrich AI diagnostic assist technology for novel coronavirus pneumonia, and Fujitsu ultimately aims to commercialize the technology as a health care remedy for frontline health care industry experts.


When treating clients who are strongly suspected of having a novel coronavirus an infection, the analysis and procedure prepare are decided holistically based on PCR examination benefits as well as other examination benefits which includes blood exams and upper body CT examination (Determine one). Even if the PCR examination is adverse, the analysis of new-onset coronavirus pneumonia can be created by other exams, and imaging with upper body CT is an important consideration.

Medical doctors make lung condition diagnoses based on the characteristics of the shadows in the lesion on the patient’s upper body CT picture. In addition to determining abnormalities, they visually verify hundreds of upper body CT visuals for every patient to fully grasp the three-dimensional distribution of shadows in the course of the lung. A escalating need for technologies that minimize the burden on medical doctors and assist speedy final decision-creating has accompanied the unfold of the COVID-19 virus. It is also important to discover novel coronavirus pneumonia from a CT scan of the patient’s upper body if there is a lower likelihood of a novel coronavirus an infection throughout the assessment and PCR screening is not executed.

In response to the need to have for diagnostic assist, Fujitsu and Tokyo Shinagawa Healthcare facility will jointly embark on the progress of AI-assisted diagnostic imaging technology for upper body CT scans, which are considered to be an productive approach in diagnosing novel coronavirus pneumonia.

About the joint progress of AI imaging assist technology

Past CT picture info of COVID-19 pneumonia clients from Tokyo Shinagawa Healthcare facility will aid in the progress of AI technology that detects irregular shadow styles in the lungs. As the AI learns from this info about the chance of COVID-19 pneumonia, Fujitsu and Tokyo Shinagawa Healthcare facility will work alongside one another to evaluate the performance of the technology.

When diagnosing COVID-19 pneumonia, styles of irregular opacities in the lungs as well as the unfold of shadows across the total lung is important information.

Patterns of irregular shadows are detected employing AI designed by Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd. The lung is divided into 4 places on the CT picture: the right lung periphery, the right lung heart, the remaining lung heart, and the remaining lung periphery. The distribution of shadows in the vertical path in just about every location is displayed in a histogram(one). This will enable the progress of new AI that can quantify the three-dimensional unfold of shadows, when employing the detected irregular shadow styles and shadow distributions to discover COVID-19 pneumonia.

Although exhibiting the chance of COVID-19 an infection with the AI technology, the intention is to shorten the sum of time medical doctors commit visually confirming the three-dimensional unfold of the shadow from hundreds of upper body CT visuals and to let even non-specialists to efficiently diagnose COVID-19 pneumonia.

Future Options

As a result of this joint research and progress, Fujitsu and Tokyo Shinagawa Healthcare facility intention to deliver technology that leverages a range of information for analysis of COVID-19 pneumonia to achieve improved diagnostic assist from upper body CT picture analysis.

Fujitsu is contemplating the commercialization of this technology as a health care remedy. By linking it with digital health care history information, the purpose is to assist analysis by medical doctors based on upper body CT visuals, when also increasing the application location of this technology.

Tokyo Shinagawa Healthcare facility aims to lead to culture by integrating different studies conducted in the clinic and employing them for analysis and procedure of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

(one) Histogram

A kind of statistical graph that allows visible recognition of info distribution conditions.

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