The follicular unit extraction method is among the best hair transplant techniques. This method is believed by most patients to be modern and provides the most natural outcome. You will also experience little scars, which makes the procedure unnoticeable. This article will discuss the best FUE hair transplant method, cost, design, and more. Keep reading.

What is the FUE Technique?

The FUE method is a minimally invasive hair transplant method used by hair transplant clinic and surgeons across the globe. It is usually used to restore natural hair growth by collecting hair follicles from the back of your scalp or other body parts. The hair grafts are then planted into the affected area of your scalp.

The best FUE hair transplant method Is smart FUE. This is a highly advanced technology that does not involve stitches or any linear scarring. The procedure aims not only at restoring your hair but your confidence as well. Smart FUE hair transplant replaces old hair follicles with old ones. After the hair transplant, blood will begin nourishing the hair follicles, leading to hair growth in areas that have reduced hair.

The Procedure of Smart FUE Technique

The FUE method involves collecting naturally occurring hair follicles made up of one to four hairs. The collected hair follicles will then be transplanted to the affected areas of your scalp suffering from hair loss.

The surgeon will start by harvesting a particular number of hair grafts grouped in 1 to 4 hair strands. Usually, the doctor will use a device less than 1mm to extract the hair follicles from the back of your neck or sides of your scalp. After harvesting enough hair follicles, your doctor will prepare the recipient site that is receiving the hair follicles. The procedure is conducted using a powerful stereo microscope.

Removing hair follicles from the donor site. During the implantation, the surgeon should take great caution to ensure the hair grafts are placed at the right angle, replicating the flow of old hair growth and making it look natural. The doctor uses a small punch tool to remove the hair follicles. This procedure might leave you with scars but not visible ones because they are tiny, and you will not need any stitches.

FUE Hair Restoration Methods

One set of the FUE technique is that it takes more time to complete compared to the FUT method. This method tends to consume time because the doctor needs to be careful when extracting the hair follicles to ensure they do not destroy the hair follicles. But there is much flexibility when obtaining hair grafts with the FUE method because the surgeon might choose where to extract and implant the hair follicles. Another benefit of this surgery is that the surgeon can determine each hair graft’s angle and depth.

Getting the best outcome in FUE hair restoration needs the expertise of a highly skilled surgeon. Therefore, you should opt for a surgeon with artistic surgical skills to perform this surgery. You will need this, especially in the hair growth placement and pattern. Because there are several FUE hair transplant methods, you will choose the perfect one.

Motorized Follicular Unit Extraction

The motorized FUE hair transplant method involves freeing hair follicles using a motorized punch to extract them. This procedure might sound simple, but it is not. The surgeon must be careful when removing the hair follicles to prevent them from going sideways.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration

The smart graft is among the best FUE hair transplant methods. This is because it is the latest and most advanced one. It is a semi-automated version of the FUE method and uses a motorized FUE punch to remove hair follicles with suction.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost

The FUE hair transplant cost ranges from $4000 to $15000 per session. The price is based on the amount of hair extracted and transplanted, the number of surgeons available in the area, and more. Several sessions will cost you up to $50000.


Now you have an idea of the best fue hair transplant technique, make sure to find the right provider. The FUE hair transplant method is the permanent solution to balding and visible thinning hair. These results are usually permanent because you cannot undo them. But that does not mean you will look the same for the rest of your life. Opting for an experienced surgeon who understands how to create natural results is critical.

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