Fake Joe Rogan interviews fake Steve Jobs in an AI-powered podcast

AI-generated illustration of three Steve Jobs faces.
Enlarge / Which Steve Careers is the genuine a single?

Ars Technica

A voice synthesis company based in Dubai printed a fictional podcast job interview concerning Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs working with real looking voices digitally cloned from equally gentlemen. It normally takes position during the “very first episode” of a purported podcast collection identified as “Podcast.ai,” made by Participate in.ht, which sells voice synthesis solutions.

In the interview, you 1st hear a replication of Rogan’s voice developed by voice cloning technological know-how very similar to that which we have covered before on Ars. Deep finding out technological innovation has authorized AI designs to replicate exclusive voices with a high diploma of accuracy, these types of as in the case of Darth Vader in Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi Tv sequence.

To reach the influence, someone ought to to start with practice the AI design on current samples of the voice that will be cloned. Rogan is a prime target for AI voice training by deep finding out products due to the fact enough quantities of his isolated voice exist on his podcasts. In point, The Verge included a PR stunt by an AI corporation referred to as Dessa synthesizing Rogan in 2019.

Where this occasion of AI tomfoolery gets to be extra fascinating is that Play.ht additionally roped in the voice of deceased Apple CEO Steve Jobs. His voice, even though robotically choppy at moments, recollects his Apple keynotes and All Issues Digital interviews from the late 2000s. And Enjoy.ht statements that the textual content of the interview was produced by AI as perfectly, probably from a massive language design (LLM) identical to GPT-3.

“Transcripts are generated with high-quality-tuned language models,” writes Play.ht on the Podcast.ai website. “For illustration, the Steve Positions episode was qualified on his biography and all recordings of him we could find on the web so the AI could accurately bring him back to lifetime.”

In preserving with its LLM roots, the 19-moment interview does not make a great deal feeling. Immediately after a when, sections of the fictional job interview commence to audio like conceptual mashups of frequent Positions talking factors, which includes aesthetics, innovative items, competition these kinds of as Google, Microsoft, and Adobe, and the triumphs of the unique Macintosh.

For case in point, in the course of a part of the interview, phony Employment delves into criticism of Microsoft that is incredibly similar the what the real Employment reported in a well known 1995 job interview for Triumph of the Nerds, but it is really not a carbon copy—and you can tell the voice is synthesized if you evaluate the two. “That’s the difficulty I have often had with Microsoft,” faux Careers suggests. “In lots of methods they’re intelligent individuals and they’ve accomplished fantastic work, but they’ve never had any taste. They have never had any aesthetic perception.”

Whether it can be legal to use Jobs’ or Rogan’s vocal likenesses in this manner—particularly to market a industrial product—remains to be found. And despite the PR-stunt mother nature of the podcast, the idea of completely fictional celeb podcasts acquired our focus. As voice synthesis turns into much more popular and perhaps undetectable, we’re wanting at a long term where by media artifacts from any era will very likely be entirely fluid and malleable, shapeable to in shape any narrative. In this certain fictional globe, Employment is a huge Rogan enthusiast.

“It is nice to sit back again in the motor vehicle and listen to you rant,” he claims.

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