Today, people want their house to be a symbol of class and individuality. Whether it is a bedroom, living room or a kitchen owners deck up every part of their house. Even a bathroom is accessorized with stunning fittings such as faucets and lighting. Cleaning them using house cleaning brampton is an excelent idea to keep it shiny.

The choice of bathroom faucets depends on three design elements.

  1. The type of bathroom – Whether it is classic or modern.
  2. The type of sink – Countertop or standalone.
  3. Vanity – Its presence or absence also makes a big difference.

Contemporary bathroom faucets are available in a range of designs, finishes and construction material. Some of the popular designs include; single lever pull up/press down faucet, center set faucet, two lever widespread faucet and high arch single lever option. While the center set design is compact and available as a single unit, widespread is typically built in three pieces.

Brushed aluminium, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and enamel coated are some of the common finishes.

Although the size of the bathroom in most homes is small as compared to other sections, it is an important place where inhabitants perform various chores such as bathing, shaving and relaxing in a bathtub to unwind. It therefore needs to be lit up with just the right amount of brightness. Bathroom lighting is available in several designs and mounting styles. Some of the popular types are ceiling, wall/sconces, recessed or lamps which are simply hung above the mirror.

The choice depends on the size and design of the bathroom. While some of the common finishes include chrome, brass, bronze and nickel there are others which fall under premium category, such as gold and silver. A sink is one of the important elements of a bathroom. Bathroom sinks are quintessential fittings which are available in a myriad of shapes such as oval, round, square etc. Sinks are categorized as;

  1. Countertop -These sinks are top mounted, self-rimming and made from ceramic, marble or granite.
  2. Under mount – Mounted from below and typically clamped. The edges are suitably filled with tinted un-sanded grout.
  3. Standalone – Usually made of glass or metal such as bronze.