We were at a home show when I saw a display on air purifiers. I picked up a brochure that had a Blueair 402 review in it, which made me stop and take a closer look. I discovered in the Blueair 402 review that this air purifier, while small was mighty and could handle the toxins found in the air.

The Blueair 402 review talked about how this particular air purifier works to make a difference in the air through its advanced filter technology. It only handles 365 square feet of cleansing, but despite this, the air that’s been removed of toxins is gently diffused back into the room. It does this with HEPASilent technology, which is made of nontoxic polypropylene allowing it to resist any contamination from bacteria, viruses, and mold from within. There also isn’t any chemical additives and once it’s been used completely, it will change into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

It removes the toxins from the air by going through the SurroundAir technology, at least this is what the Blueair 402 review said. It draws in the dirty air on all sides and puts it through the HEPA filter. This will get up to 99.97 percent of the micron particles, while trying to capture all of the allergy producing pores, like pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and pet dander. The Blueair 402 review said if it isn’t caught here, the electrostatic charge will charge the particles so everything clings to the filter and then it gently diffuses the cleaned air back into the space.

The major issue the Blueair 402 review talked about is its difficulty to find a place for the air purifier if you have a small room. However, this wasn’t an issue with us, so we decided to purchase one to start.

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