Aerus Holdings LLC is a company dependent out of Dallas Texas. They individual 9 firms, many of which have air purification product or service traces. They carry 4 versions under the Aerus Corporation model. Aerus technology makes use of HEPA standard filtration, carbon odor filtration, ionization, and Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) technological innovation in their air cleaner devices. These air filtration programs change the air in a room 7-9 situations in an hour. This is plainly a person of the stand-out features of these methods. To really get the particle depend small to help an asthma sufferer, the purifier really should be modifying the air at minimum 5 times an hour.

Aerus purifiers assortment in coverage from 100 to 2000 sq. ft. They also have a business solution covering 2500 sq. feet. We ended up only in a position to gather sufficient knowledge to review the AQ 1000 and Lux Guardian, which by our estimates expenses in range from 26-35 cents for every sq. foot included per year. These estimates are based mostly on costs spanning ten several years. The price tag to protect 3000 sq. feet with these air cleaners ranges from $7848.98 to $10585.89 above 10 decades.

These Aerus programs are hugely productive at particle elimination and have high quality filters. The Lux Guardian delivers the finest cost-advantage value mainly because it brings together the most air cleansing systems and has the most affordable cost for every square foot when it is utilised. Aerus does not supply the identical guarantee to all its air purifiers. Some Aerus units only carry a one particular year warranty. Some others have up to a 5 calendar year warranty with selected exceptions. For illustration, some Aerus purifiers have a 5yr guarantee on the motor and enthusiast, but only a a person 12 months guarantee on all other sections. Some units that Aerus warranty’s for a single calendar year can be upgraded to a 5 yr warranty less than specified problems. If you are wanting to invest in an Aerus purifier, you need to check with with the business about the guarantee.

Aerus air purifiers are regular when in contrast to the solutions available on the industry. They supply fantastic filter effectiveness and meet HEPA criteria but they are ordinary when it will come to expense for each square foot. These air purifiers will absolutely present satisfaction to customers but they are not what we consider a single of the best purchases readily available on the industry. Nonetheless, these air purifiers will do properly in a precious area of interest current market since they are high-quality products and solutions that tackle the requirements of some asthma and allergy sufferers.

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