Optimize Your PC for Gaming With These 4 Vital Tweaks


Playing games often makes people forget the time. That is right? It’s hard to stop before you defeat all enemies or get targeted rewards. Therefore, having a cheaper gaming PC that has qualified specifications is important to support your gaming activities.

However, this is not enough. You also need to take care of it so that device performance is maintained. Do not let your device experience a lag in the middle of the game just because you are lazy to treat it, whether it’s because of physical conditions or software that has never been updated.

Well, so that this does not happen, you must do the following things so that PC gaming performance is maintained and gaming activities will not be interrupted.

Routinely Cleaning Dust

At least, for three months, take the time to clean your PC. The more often, of course, the better. That way your PC will become a good gamer PC that is fun and optimal when used to play your games. Before doing so, don’t forget to turn off the PC, ensure that the power source is off and unplug all cables.

Good Cable Installation

Now cables with untidy conditions have the potential to cause a short-circuit. Moreover, these conditions can also cover the PC fan so that the airflow becomes not smooth. To overcome this, you should position the cable behind the motherboard. If you use a large case on a PC, you can provide space at the back of the case for storing cables to be connected to each device. That way, the cable will look neater and your PC also has unobstructed airflow.

Graphic Card Driver Update

The performance of a gaming PC is determined by many things, one of which is the graphics card. The good news, taking care of the performance of the graphics card is not difficult at all as long as you regularly update. If it is not done, it is certain that the performance of your PC will decrease even to experience a continuous lag. Fortunately, generally, graphics card manufacturers such as Nvidia and AMD will regularly update drivers on the gaming PC that you use. That way, your PC’s performance can always improve and adjust to every new game you install.

Defrag Your PC Gaming Hard Drive

The more often you use a PC, the more data the hard drive holds. This is what makes the hard drive have to work harder to find and load the data that you request.

By doing defrag, the disk on your hard drive does not need to read something that has been deleted before. In addition, this step is also able to properly improve the internal organization. If you don’t defrag, the hard drive will continue to read something that doesn’t already exist and will make the PC gaming run slower. However, you don’t need to defrag if you use SSD because it will shorten the life of your SSD.

Remove Unused Applications

Any remaining space on a PC device disk is very valuable. You can use this space to enter the game you want to play. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove various unused applications from PC gaming, including various pre-installed applications that have usually been available since you purchased the PC.

Don’t Run Other Programs When Playing Games

When not playing games, what other things do you usually do with PC gaming? The majority of you will probably answer browsing and opening social media accounts. The program or application is indeed very useful and fun to open when you are not playing games. However, when playing games, you should close all other programs so that the entire system can be maximized in the game application that you are opening. That way, gaming activities can run more optimally.

Active Virus Scan on PC Gaming and Software Updates

Updating the graphics card will make your PC hardware run optimally. However, that is not enough. You also have to actively scan the PC for malware viruses while also updating the software you are using. Usually, software updates often add several new features and optimize performance. It will improve security aspects so that your device can be safe from online threats.