When you don’t get a whole lot of time for gaming, it’s good to have a little something a bit specific to sit down to. In the present age of PCs, absolutely everyone has a case with perspex panels, water cooling and high specs inside. NZXT has dropped a seriously interesting case that “Might” set your quirky gaming rig apart from the pack.

The H510i All May possibly is an anime-themed (My Hero Academia) entry into NZXT’s CRFT lineup. All May chooses a boy with no Quirk, Midoriya, as his successor and shares his Quirk with him after recognising his likely. It is a wonderful suggestion of the hat to the environment of My Hero Academia and provides the Computer system and Anime worlds collectively.


It’s crafted with LED lights pre-put in and consists of the essential controller for lighting and enthusiasts. It’s adorned with some excellent artwork, colour and pizazz that is deserving of exhibiting off. If you are looking at developing a new rig then you can select a single up at NZXT, BPC Tech, Scorptec, Computer system Situation Gear or MWave for $369.99