Your Definitive Guide to Venus Retrograde Series ~ Capricorn/the 10th House

Astrology Topics: Venus Return Charts

Albeit the most widely recognized Return charts are Solar and Lunar Returns, the Venus Return is a shockingly unique forecasting instrument. A chart is drawn for the second that Venus returns (every year) to its situation upon entering the world, and this Venus Return chart is then deciphered.

Although the Venus Return happens roughly every year, it doesn’t happen as typically as a Solar Return chart. For instance, if you were born mid-September, your Venus Return chart might happen in September one year, today’s horoscope October the following, July the following year, etc. With the Venus Return chart, we can forecast the forthcoming year regarding get-togethers and contacts, the love life, and monetary issues.

Catchphrases for the Venus Return are relaxation, joy, satisfaction, fame, social contacts, romance, gifts, the love of nature.

Essential Things to Look For in the Venus Return Chart:

The place of Venus in the Return chart, by house and aspect. (The Venus sign will be the birth sign of Venus).

Planets on the points (the cusps of the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses).

Strong setups (aspects) in the chart, particularly when Venus is involved.

Natal planets and focuses that conjunct Venus Return points.

You can carefully describe the situation you need when studying a VR chart. The elements above highlight the more remarkable aspects of a perusing.

A mainly occupied “Venus year” will be marked in the chart differently. Venus may be on the Midheaven or Ascendant. Venus may be firmly conjunct the Sun and perhaps one more planet also. The Return chart Vertex may be intently attached to the Nodes of the Moon (conjunct, inverse, or square) in a year when the locals make significant social contacts.

Note: In my examination, the Moon’s Nodes and the Vertex ought not to be ignored when studying the Venus Return chart. These focuses are regularly enacted and noticeable in a year when the local meets a significant other (lover, marriage partner, or companion).

An astoundingly agreeable year is regularly shown by Venus conjunct the Midheaven in the Venus Return chart. As a new friendly picture, new chances to associate are shown. A planet in close combination with the Ascendant in a Venus Return chart can propose a significant year too. For instance, Pluto ascending in the VR chart regularly focuses on another romance, such as reality evolves.

It is valid to look past Venus Return charts in your own lives and those of people near you to perceive how Venus Returns work for you. Chances are, you will go over a few invigorating disclosures. For instance, in one case, Return Venus was conjunct the ninth house cusp in a year when the local met a love interest while voyaging. In another case, the local met an individual who was to turn into a highly significant and unique romantic companion when Sun, Venus, and Jupiter were all conjunct on the cusp of the eleventh house in the VR chart. (These planets additionally shaped a square with the nodal axis—the nodal hub, I have found, is a vital sign of social contacts in the VR chart).

Case Study:

The following chart is the Venus Return chart of a lady in the year she met her significant other.

At first look, we can see that the tenth house is highly dynamic in this VR chart. After looking into it further, we see four individual planets, all inside two levels of one another, conjunct the Midheaven, including Venus! Venus, Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Midheaven structure a nearby combination. This is a surprising and remarkable blend. If we had been checking out this VR chart ahead of time, we might have securely assumed that the upcoming year would be an amazingly significant one for the locals in a social/romantic sense.

Note that Jupiter is in a nearby ternary to this bunch of planets and that Jupiter is found toward the start of the sixth house (the local met her significant other at her work environment). Uranus is coming to a ternary to the group (to be precise, later in the year when she met her significant other).

Even though Pluto isn’t firmly conjunct the Ascendant, it is inside eight levels of the Ascendant.

If you have perused our Interpreting Solar Return Charts article, you will realize that I am an advocate of calculating in the natal chart into understandings of Return charts:

The local’s natal eighth house cusp is conjunct the Venus Return Ascendant.

The nodal pivot is at early Aries and Libra, aligning with the local Ascendant-Descendant hub. The natal Ascendant is successfully brought to the cusps of the eleventh and fifth houses in the VR chart at the Nodal pivot.

Note additionally that Chiron is conjunct the Vertex in the VR chart and that this sextile the dynamic group at the Midheaven.

Timing and the Venus Return Chart

Venus travels to the Venus Return chart to focus on occasions when occasions or circumstances are set off. (1) And, it works!

A glance through the ephemeris uncovers the development of Venus after the date of the Venus return. In our model, the actual gathering of the local’s better half happened around nine months after the date of the Venus Return. Toward the start of the period, Venus was obviously in late Leo, which is the local’s introduction to the world Venus position. We use Venus travels to the Venus Return chart with this technique.

At the hour of the genuine gathering, Venus was at late Gemini, which was conjunct the Venus Return Vertex and Chiron in the eighth house (and sextile to the bunch of planets at the Midheaven).

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