Collagen is the most abundant body protein, accounting for approximately one third of the body weight. There are 11 different types of collagen and they are present on bone, cartilage, tendons and skin.

Without any intake of Vitamin C the body is depleted of it’s ability to produce collagen altogether and Scurvy is the result. Old mariners, unable to access citrus fruits or other sources of the vitamin developed this dreadful condition, in which not only the skin is affected, but joints as well. The use of limes was found to keep the problem at bay, hence the nickname “Limeys” was given to sailors.

Is topical application the best method?

Vitamin C must be applied directly to the skin in order to be effective but there are potential problems with this.

Since it is an extreme skin irritant in it’s natural state, and you only need to cut an orange in half and eat it to see how the Vit C causes skin tingling on the lips, it is vital that the ascorbic acid is formulated in a non-irritating way. Because of this Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate is usually used, since the skin can convert this to ascorbic acid once it has passed through the skin barrier.

Vitamin C is the most unstable vitamin of all and oxidises, thereby losing it’s efficacy very quickly. If you squeeze fresh oranges the Vitamin c will have oxidised out within half an hour if the juice id left to stand. Creams must be formulated to remain stable for a reasonable period of time, preferably without resorting to the addition of huge quantities of anti-oxidants, present only to preserve the product prior to application.

The Environ Vitamin C range

The Environ range of Vit C gels and creams, masques and in- laser clinics australia treatments is impressive.

They are all formulated using the minimum of preservatives and no fragrances.

They are based on the mildest, non irritating formulations of Vitamin C

The products also contain beta-carotene and Vit E, both strong anti-oxidants, as well as panthenol to soothe the skin and jojoba oil to moisturise it.

The Environ Ionzyme machine is a perfect way to introduce large quantities of Vitamin C into the skin, without irritation or side affects.

These products are perfect for treating areas of excess pigmentation.

Vitamin C is ideal for skin lightening and brightening.

Environ home care products and treatments help to firm the skin and increase collagen production.