A new analyze from Cloudreach and IDC entitled “Cloud Traits 2021” (registration needed) surveyed more than two hundred CIOs. Queries centered on the COVID-19 pandemic’s outcome on the use of cloud computing and electronic transformation. Retain in head that the sponsor has a pet in the hunt in that they offer technology.

Of class, it’s the standard “cloud is superior,” “cloud is important” stuff you locate in most other analyst stories. Even so, the quantity that I identified attention-grabbing is that 27.five per cent mentioned that significant-scale migration to the public cloud was “essential for survival.” Hop in a time device and just 5 a long time back most enterprises regarded cloud as an choice for consuming technology this kind of storage and compute, but really not essential. What altered?

When the pandemic 1st hit with its associated lockdowns, those people with physical infrastructure, this kind of as standard business details centers, were at a drawback. They not only could not scale up to support a distant workforce, but in some scenarios they could not even get capable staffers physically into the details centers to swap out servers, fix ability materials, or right network troubles. The non-cloud component of the business suffered—at least it increased danger to an unacceptable stage.

Enterprises master from soreness. What transpired in 2020 will be component of strategic setting up for the up coming ten years, with the public cloud considered as a protected harbor, instead than just an choice for intake. What does this signify for your business?

Initial, if the cloud is essential, then you have to have to program for situations when items go mistaken. Even though outages are exceptional, in most scenarios they are brought on by avoidable user faults. This suggests you have to have to put more setting up into business continuity/disaster restoration techniques as effectively as into cross-cloud redundancy.

Enterprises that use cloud may believe that resiliency is built in to the cloud and this kind of setting up is really not essential. But public clouds use a shared duty model, and most of the setting up to preserve techniques going falls on business IT.

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