Purchasing a cottage for your family is an exciting time for any homeowner, especially if planning the interior design is the most exhilarating element. Window covering options are significant to consider, as many cottages are renowned for their oversized, picturesque windows and require window treatments to ground them and tie in the design elements with the rest of the space.

Interior Design

Designing the interior of a cottage can prove to be an exciting and rewarding project, frequently equally exhilarating as the purchase itself. Window covering options are significant to consider when designing your cottage as they create a cohesive and stylish living space.

Your Cottages Design Idea

When you think of your cottages design plant, the notorious patterns that come to mind include plaid, gingham, and nautical blue stripes. These are each classic patterns that stand the test of time and can be updated for each generation. For example, a slipcovered couch emblazoned with chunky navy stripes and accompanied with square; scarlet red throw pillows sure beats the thread barren checkered couch of yesteryear. Also, a tattered, plastic tablecloth from another generation cannot hold a candle to a rustic, harvest table flanked with sky blue and seafoam green upholstered gingham chairs. Although specific patterns are timeless, the style and fabric in which they are fashioned changes often as most design schemes do.

Wood Materials

Cottages and wooden elements go hand in hand, from the board and batten exterior to the beadboard interior walls. Once again, wood is an element that is updated with each new generation; for example, whitewashed walls featuring the dramatic graining and notches of pine, are a far cry from the blackened cedar paneling made famous in the 1970s.

Wood shutters

Wood shutters have also seen significant evolution over the years in that they are the perfect blend between practical and eclectic. This timeless and functional window treatment can be sprayed any color you desire to match your interior design and are excellent at controlling the sun, heat, and air from entering through your windows.

Custom Wooden blinds

Custom wooden blinds can also be altered to fit windows of varying dimensions and are incredibly versatile as they allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight you would like to shine in or block out. You can easily adjust the angle of the wooden slats by rotating a lever to expose as much or as little of the outside world as you wish. Like shutters, window treatments can also supplement wooden blinds to create a sophisticated look for your cottage, you can find window treatment service by visiting window treatment houston website. 

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