The Best Outdoor Solar lights of 2022

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Flowers illuminated by energy-saving solar powered lanterns

Flowers illuminated by energy-saving solar powered lanterns

Adopting more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions is of paramount concern. Here is a thorough guide to the premier outdoor solar lights in 2022.

In the past, terms like climate change and global warming felt alien, far-fetched and dystopian. Now that climate effects are manifesting more clearly, there’s been more urgency in emphasizing sustainable measures to mitigate some of the harm already incurred. There has been a significant shift in the world to favor renewable energy, and outdoor solar lights are a great way to transition your home to green technology. Such solutions harness the power of solar energy, minimizing reliance on non-renewable sources. Moreover, outdoor solar lights are extremely efficient and functional, requiring less elaborate and sophisticated wiring than conventional floodlights.

Choosing the most efficient and appropriate outdoor solar lights is not easy considering the amount of products on the market and their varying degree of quality and efficacy. Therefore, we have curated a list of the top-rated options for outdoor solar lights in 2022.

Top Picks

Most Versatile: URPOWER Outdoor Solar Lights

Dusk-to-dawn solar powered outdoor light for garden

Dusk-to-dawn solar powered outdoor light for garden

The URPOWER solar spotlights come with two units of four LED spotlights, equipped with a battery and a wide solar panel for charging. Offering adjustable lighting in two modes, low light and high light, as well as adjustable brightness, this product can provide up to 200 lumens for six to 10 hours. They are easy to install and can be mounted on the wall or quickly tucked into the ground. The automatic on and off operation is perfect for outdoor use, and the lights automatically turn on at night and off at dawn. These lights are also waterproof, enabling them to withstand adverse weather.

Key features:

  • Rotatable solar panel, up to 180-degrees

  • Rotatable lights, up to 90-degrees

  • 2200mAh battery

  • Rated IP64 Waterproof

Elite Efficiency: Aootek Outdoor Solar Lights

Easy-to-install security lights for front door

Easy-to-install security lights for front door

These outdoor solar lights by Aootek are solar-powered floodlights that come in a pack of four. Each set contains 120 LEDs and a light reflector. It comes equipped with built-in solar panels and a lithium-ion battery. With the potential to detect movement up to 26 feet, within an angle of 120-degrees, this lighting system provides security as well as an environmentally-conscious energy source. It comes equipped with three modes; security light mode, all-night on mode, and smart brightness control mode. This product is perfect for outdoor use due to its weather-resistant properties, including heat and frost resistance.

Key features:

  • 2200mAh battery

  • Rated IP65 waterproof

  • Weatherproof and durable

Great Value: Signature Garden Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights

Outdoor solar lights for yard

Outdoor solar lights for yard

The garden lights, also known as pathway lights, by Signature Garden stick to the ground during use. It comes as a pack of six lights, or eight lights, and in three distinct colors: silver, bronze, and black. These lights are easy to install and operate and are an energy-efficient option, providing illumination for up to 12 hours. The diamond-shaped LED lights brighten your exterior while also serving as a decor element with their aesthetically pleasing design.

Key features:

Most Durable: Brightech Ambience Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

Commercial grade waterproof patio lights

Commercial grade waterproof patio lights

The string lights by Brightech Ambience are solar-powered, containing 12 LED light bulbs on a 27 foot long string. This product, including a detachable solar panel, can be used to illuminate larger outdoor spaces, achieving a desirable and elegant party ambiance. The bulbs give off a flattering, soft white light capable of providing six hours of constant illumination with a full charge. This product is compatible with heavy-duty use as the bulbs are shatterproof with the ability to withstand strong winds, rain, snow, and heat.

Key features:

  • 100% refund and replacement warranty valid for two years

  • 20,000 hour bulbs

  • Solar panel is rated at a 1,000 charge lifespan

Easy Installation: CLAONER Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar motion sensor lights

Solar motion sensor lights

These outdoor solar-powered floodlights by CLAONER come as a pack of four or eight, depending on the pack you choose. Each floodlight has 128 LED beads, increasing illumination considerably. This product uses power motion sensors with a detection distance up to 20 feet. The floodlights have an easy, two-way installation. You can either screw the floodlight in place, or if that sounds too intimidating, you can use double-sided tape. The pack includes all the equipment required for installation and has three modes, offering convenience and safety without compromising on energy efficiency.

Key features:

Buying guide: Outdoor Solar Lights

Judging one model from another can be just as difficult, leaving you feeling puzzled and frustrated. Purchasing your first set of outdoor solar lights, in particular, has a lot of potential for mistakes. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a thorough guide, making buying outdoor solar lights hassle-free and giving you confidence in your decision.

Why investing in outdoor solar lights can be a wise decision

There is a heavy trend right now towards investing in outdoor solar lights. And, as is the case with all the new technology, it’s common to question the utility of a new gadget. Is this product worth my money? Is it reliable? Will these features actually be useful? Below, we’ll demonstrate why outdoor solar lights are worth the investment.


Outdoor solar lights are a convenient way of adopting more sustainable energy sources, in this case renewables. Renewable energy sources allow switching from sources with a heavy carbon footprint and these lights represent the strides in engineering made in support of such efforts. They remain dazzlingly functional as well as environmentally conscious.

Ease of installation

Unlike conventional lights, outdoor solar lights do not have complicated installation procedures. There is also no need to hire a professional as all setup can be accomplished quickly and hassle-free.

Hassle-free maintenance

Outdoor solar lights come equipped with LED lights and solar panels. Unlike conventional light bulbs, LED lights can last for decades. There’s no need to check on or replace bulbs frequently, and the batteries are charged through solar panels, so very little diligence is required on your part. Simply sit back, enjoy your well-lit outdoor space, and marvel at the convenience.

The solar panels only require a periodic maintenance check and the absence of wires and sockets relieves the hassle of hiring an electrician. Using outdoor solar lights is incredibly liberating with very little maintenance and upkeep.


Solar panels are incredible for saving money over time. With a relatively small initial purchase cost, they can be a helpful reprieve from the hassle of monthly electricity bills. These outdoor solar lights are exclusively powered by the sun and will never impact your meter. The lack of installation and associated maintenance costs, likewise, works to save money. Given the potential savings and the advances in eco-friendly engineering, it has never been a better time to switch to solar lights.

Outdoor solar lights variations

There are a variety of solar outdoor lights available, and each is used uniquely relative to its design.

String lights

The string lights, popularly known as festive lights, are extensively used for outdoor decor purposes. Solar-powered string lights also come with a detachable solar panel for lighting terraces, patios and gardens.


Solar-powered floodlights are small lighting units with incredible brightness and output. They are also called task lights or security lights and are primarily used for illuminating entrances to properties for security purposes. They generally come equipped with robust motion sensors and include various operational modes. Floodlights are most commonly wall-mounted solar lights.


Spotlights are extensively used for landscaping, illuminating specific items and creating an attractive outdoor ambiance. The LED lamp and the solar panel come mounted on the same panel and are adjustable.

Garden and pathway lights

Garden and pathway lights are extensively in landscaping, offering illumination on the peripheries of pathways, walking tracks and garden beds. They give an attractive appearance to any landscape and are not as bright as spotlights and floodlights.

Step light

Solar-powered step lights are equipped with motion sensors, illuminating the staircase upon detecting movement. They are also dim, allowing just enough illumination to light up a path.

How to choose the most appropriate outdoor solar light

The following factors should be considered for purchasing the most efficient and reliable outdoor solar lights.

Types of lights

The type of solar-powered light that is ideal for you depends on the intended use and placement. Once that has been identified and delineated, the rest is easy.


Outdoor solar lights come equipped with a battery that charges with solar energy. There are different kinds of batteries used for outdoor solar lights. A lithium-ion battery is the most popular choice on account of their high capacity.


The amount of lumens determines the brightness of a solar-powered outdoor light. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. The amount of illumination required depends upon the desired purpose of an LED light. Spotlights and floodlights have a higher lumen output than step and pathway lights.


It is common for solar-powered lights to have a single mode with consistent brightness. However, newer variations have adjustable brightness, allowing you to choose between low brightness and high brightness. It helps make efficient use of the energy, allowing for situational adjustments. It also helps extend the run time of LED-powered lights.

How much do outdoor solar lights cost?

Outdoor solar lights are a relatively inexpensive lighting solution. The price depends on the type of light, durability, available warranty, manufacturing brand and the number of lights per package. Generally, the cost of each product ranges from $5-$50. It does not necessarily mean that price is restricted to this range, several outdoor solar lighting systems are much more expensive.

Budget is a crucial element to consider when purchasing outdoor solar lights. However, outdoor solar lights are a one-time investment and will continue illuminating your outdoor space for years. Splurging a little on the initial purchase is justified given the added value and low maintenance costs. More importantly, when considering objects serving for extended periods, quality should be considered before pricing and should remain the critical deciding factor.

People Also Asked

Q: How long do outdoor solar lights last?

A: Outdoor solar lights can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. The lights usually remain functioning for up to 5 years after installation. However, some parts do require occasional replacement, such as the battery and, less often, the LED lights.

Q: Can the solar lights outdoors be safely stored indoors in case of adverse weather conditions?

A: Most solar lights come equipped with the necessary features for surviving adverse weather conditions. Placing them indoors is not recommended given the potential risk of damaging the rechargeable batteries with inadequate energy sources.

Q: How to charge solar lights on cloudy days?

A: Contrary to popular belief, direct, bright sunlight is not required for charging solar-powered lights. Even on cloudy days, charging is carried out. The efficiency, however, will be significantly reduced.

Q: How to maintain the solar lights outdoors?

A: To keep outdoor solar lights in pristine condition, ensure the battery is fully charged. The surface of the solar panel also requires cleaning every month for smooth functioning.

Q: Can I use artificial light for charging the solar-powered lights?

A: Yes, it is possible to do so.