May 17, 2022


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Neon, Ukraine, And The Global Semiconductor Industry

On our information feeds and Tv channels at the minute are several tales concerning the war in Ukraine, and amongst them is just one which may possibly have an result on the substantial-tech industries. It appears that a major share of the world’s neon gasoline is generated in Ukrainian factories, and there is problem between pundits and electronics companies that a disruption of this source could be a additional dilemma for an industry already reeling from the COVID-related chip shortage. It’s hence worthy of using a speedy glimpse at the neon business from an engineering perspective to most likely make perception of some of individuals problems.

As most readers will know from their substantial college chemistry classes, neon is one particular of the so-known as inert gasses, sitting in the column at the severe correct of the Periodic desk. It takes place in mother nature as a modest proportion of the air we breathe and is extracted from the air by fractional distillation of the liquid section. The vital place from the above sentences is that the same neon is all all around us in the air as there is in Ukraine, in other words, there is no strategic neon mine in the Ukrainian countryside about to be overrun by the Russian invaders.

So why do we source so a lot neon from Ukraine, if we’re regularly respiration the stuff in and out in all places else in the entire world? Since the air separation market is alive and very well around the world for the manufacturing of liquid nitrogen and oxygen as effectively as the a little more various inert gasses, we’re guessing that the remedy lies in economics. It is a little bit more challenging to extract neon from air than it is argon mainly because there is fewer of it in the air. Since it can be introduced for a realistic value from the Ukrainians who have made it their business to extract it, there is tiny benefit in American or Western European businesses attempting to contend. Our choose is that if the supply of Ukrainian neon is interrupted there may perhaps be a brief period of neon shortage. Following that, air extraction firms will very speedily put in whichever extra plant they require in get to services the demand from customers. If that’s your place of expertise, we’d enjoy to hear from you in the reviews.

In this article at Hackaday we are saddened further than text at what has occurred in Ukraine, and we hope our Ukrainian audience and people Ukrainian hackers whose work we’ve showcased make it as a result of properly. We sincerely hope that this insanity can be ended and that we can mention the country in the context of cool hacks again somewhat than war.

If you are interested in the strategic price of inert gasses, have a read through about the world helium provide.

Header image: Lestat (Jan Mehlich), CC BY-SA 3..