IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier + AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor

ByArlen Simpelo

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Air high-quality is on everyone’s thoughts these times. 2020 and the global Covid-19 pandemic set indoor air high-quality beneath a severe spotlight. In addition to fears about viruses possibly circulating as a result of your house, there have been other elements that are turning into problematic. Wherever I live in southwestern Ontario (Canada), the government was releasing air good quality alerts final summer due to the smoke from forest fires burning in the northern part of the province. It was a rough 12 months for pollen allergies as effectively. The IQAir HealthPro Furthermore air purifier is a answer that can assist to deal with all of these difficulties in your house.

I have been testing a person for the previous a number of months — along with the company’s AirVisual Pro air high quality keep track of — and the results have been extremely remarkable.

About the Business

Before finding started out, I believe it is essential to say a handful of words about the corporation. There have been a whole lot of startups in this area as a consequence of the pandemic. I’m not diminishing their products and solutions at all, but that can increase issues this kind of as prolonged-phrase screening success and availability of consumables — principally substitute filters.

IQAir is not a startup. The Swiss business was launched almost six many years ago. It has a long historical past of producing sophisticated air purifiers, which include clinic-grade machines. The company’s HyperHEPA filtration technological know-how that’s the heart of the HealthPro In addition air purifier I examined was deployed in Hong Kong hospitals to shield personnel and individuals during the 2003 SARS epidemic and all over again through the Covid-19 pandemic. It is proven technologies.

IQAir says each and every HealthPro As well as air purifier is tested at its Swiss generation facility before shipping and delivery. A hand-signed Certificate of Effectiveness assures the unit getting delivered was confirmed to supply air that is 99.97% cleaner, or far better. The design that I analyzed is also backed by a 10-calendar year restricted guarantee.

HealthPro As well as Offers Several Stages of Filtration, Massive Room Coverage

IQAir will make a extensive range of air purifiers ranging from desktop models to entire dwelling programs. My review device was the HealthPro Furthermore. This is a quite huge unit (28 inches tall and around 15 inches sq., weighing 35 kilos). It is mounted on swivel wheels earning it convenient to wheel all around, and there’s a handle built-in into the top rated making it uncomplicated more than enough to select up and have about as needed. I experienced no difficulties bringing it up and down stairs.

The HealthPro Plus is categorised as a massive area air purifier, capable to properly protect up to 1,125 square toes. It has 6 various fan speeds that can filter up to 300 cfm (cubic ft for every minute). The air goes as a result of 3 diverse stages of filtration ahead of staying dispersed in 320-degrees by way of the best of the device:

  • PreMax filter captures coarse and great particulate make a difference which includes spores, pollen, and pet dander
  • V5-Mobile filter MG (with activated carbon and alumina) controls chemical contaminants, risky organic and natural compounds, and odors
  • HyperHEPA filter captures wonderful and extremely-great content together with microbes and viruses

HyperHEPA Filtration Safeguards Towards Biologicals, Such as Covid-19

The company states the filtration in the HealthPro Additionally is qualified by impartial third party screening to filter 99.5% of ultrafine particles down to .003 microns in size. For place of comparison, the coronavirus that will cause Covid-19 measures about .125 microns in dimensions. The air purifier has been tested effective at eradicating airborne viruses including aspergillosis, MRSA, and SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

Quick Setup and Use

The IQAir HealthPro Additionally air purifier is pretty uncomplicated to use. Wheel it into put (installing the wheels is about the only operate you will need to do immediately after unboxing), building confident to depart at least a foot of space in all directions to guarantee proper airflow. It plugs into a wall outlet with no electricity brick or adapter required.

These’s a little manage panel on the leading of the device with an Lcd exhibit that you use to convert it on and set supporter velocity. The panel can also be utilised to verify the remaining lifestyle of the a variety of filters, and to method the air filter if you wish it to run immediately. There are also colored LEDs that give a quick look at the health and fitness of the unique filters — for instance, inexperienced indicates they continue to have at least 80% of their valuable everyday living remaining, although blinking crimson signifies they need to have to be replaced straight away.

A remote command is also integrated in the box.

What the air purifier does not supply is any indicator of air good quality — that is in which the optional AirVisual Professional air good quality monitor comes into enjoy. More on that shortly.

Hands-On: Defeats Allergens and Smoke, Promptly Gets rid of Odors

How do you check an air purifier when you are not a lab? That’s a tough one and anything I struggled with when initial requested to assess the HealthPro In addition.

I just cannot confirm metrics like the cfm airflow, or regardless of whether airborne Covid-19 is indeed taken out. However, IQAir supplied an AirVisual Professional air observe so I could do some essential measurements and comparisons. In addition, I experienced a lot of illustrations of genuine-lifetime challenges including hay fever, pet allergies, youngsters cooking, and a wooden-burning fire.

The initially huge test was owning good friends about who are seriously allergic to cats and dogs. We have two cats and a pair of substantial, long-haired puppies. Simply because of the animals, even with the use of antihistamines, our home has been a no-go zone. I set up the HealthPro Additionally air purifier on the ground in which we were being consuming meal, ran it at a admirer setting of 3 for the working day (tranquil enough for conversations), then turned it down to 2 when the friends arrived. There were being no adverse reactions to the animals.

I have intense hay fever in the spring. Sleeping can be depressing due to the fact we really like to have the home windows open up at night time to just take benefit of the amazing breezes, but that brings in pollen. Which suggests sneezing, a runny nose, and waking up fully congested. For the duration of the height of allergy season, I introduced the HealthPro Additionally up to our bedroom, left it working on 3 overnight and left the home windows open up. It was incredible — no runny nose and no congestion.

I burned a fake log in the fire. The chimney is really successful at routing smoke out (I have it cleaned and tested regularly), but with the home windows open, some of it make its way again in. The chemical odor of the fake log was noticeable. The AirVisual Professional air quality observe quickly went purple, indicating some big indoor air good quality issues.

One more test experienced a related end result. The young ones were being panfrying hamburger patties and experienced the oven on as very well. The air high-quality watch went from green to purple in a issue of minutes and the odor of one thing burning swiftly achieved up to my business.

In each instances, I fired up the HealthPro Furthermore air purifier, environment the supporter to the most speed of 6. It does get a very little loud at that environment (all around 69 dB), but the benefits are truly worth it. In equally examples, the air excellent readings started to increase instantly. Even in my business (which is a person floor higher than in which the air purifier was positioned), following about 30 minutes I was back in the inexperienced. In addition, the solid odors have been properly neutralized by the air purifier’s V5-Cell filter MG.

In limited, the IQAir HealthPro Furthermore air purifier proved to be incredibly capable. If anyone in our dwelling had appear down with Covid-19 for the duration of the tests, I would have felt much far better figuring out they could isolate in their room with the air purifier in there with them and scrubbing the airborne virus right before it experienced a opportunity to flow into through the residence.

AirVisual Pro Delivers Precious Air Top quality Details

Even though the HealthPro As well as Air air purifier was the star of this demonstrate, IQAir’s AirVisual Pro was also very valuable.

The device monitors and displays a selection of important air excellent measurements, which include the American AQI (Air Excellent Index), and carbon dioxide stages. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network and generate an account, and the display also reveals AQI readings for your regional space along with temperature forecasts and similar data. When utilized in linked mode, the observe can send out alerts to your mobile units, as perfectly as exhibiting strategies like opening your windows.

The check plugs into ability, but also has a rechargeable battery that allows you go it close to the property to consider readings in other rooms.

One particular unanticipated profit of acquiring the AirVisual Pro established up in my place of work was the discovery of just how substantial carbon dioxide readings bought in right here when the window was shut and the furnace fan was off. I’d identified I was in a bit of a slump by mid-mornings, and it turned out that the CO2 stages in my business office were being developing up previous the 1,500 ppm mark. Which is a level recognized to result in fatigue and a reduction of focus. I checked the furnace and warm water heater, but they ended up doing the job successfully and the large concentrations were being constrained to my business office — which evidently has incredibly poor air circulation. I also conclude up with the dogs in in this article crashed on may sofa most times, introducing to the CO2 creation…

Opening the window a number of inches in the morning has performed miracles toward addressing that problem.

What About Substitute Filters?

Likely again to the IQAir HealthPro Plus, what about alternative filters? There are 3 spots of concern there when it comes to air purifiers and consumables. The very first is availability, the 2nd is the frequency that alterations are expected, and the third is expense.

The first was addressed at the start of this evaluation: IQAir has been in this business for a quite extensive time, and the HealthPro As well as is its most well-known product. Alternative filters are quickly available both of those specifically from the corporation and from a huge array of 3rd social gathering stores.

Frequency of alterations and expense are connected. A alternative HyperHEPA filter for the HealthPro Additionally isn’t affordable. But on the other hand, it won’t need to have to be changed for a lengthy time. In accordance to IQAir, the $199 filter is rated for around 4 a long time of use when the air purifier is run for 10 hrs a working day on speed 3. The V5-Cell charges $99 and is rated for two several years under the identical functioning disorders. The PreMax filter price $69 and is rated for 18 months of use.

In other words, filter variations are quite rare and it will be yrs ahead of most folks at any time have to switch the most costly just one.


The IQAir HealthPro As well as retails for $899 — is this air purifier really worth it?

It is not an impulse obtain. Nevertheless, if your house would advantage from an air purifier — since somebody suffers from bronchial asthma or allergies, for example — I discovered the HealthPro Moreover to be very helpful. The capacity to filter odors is an included reward. If you are concerned about smoke from wildfires, an air purifier like this one will assistance to assure you’re not respiratory the air pollution in.

And with its HyperHEPA filter furnishing medical center-quality safety from airborne micro organism and viruses, the IQAir HealthPro As well as can supply a crucial protection from Covid-19. If you are worried about Covid-19 or another person in your home is at increased danger should they catch it, an air purifier like this a person would give real peace of intellect.

The $269 AirVisual Pro is a good companion to the HealthPro In addition, but even on its possess delivers a terrific way to visualize your residence air good quality — and assess it to problems in your city. It doesn’t involve radon detection, but handles off the factors that would effects respiration.

Disclosure: IQAir delivered an air purifier and air excellent keep track of for analysis purposes but had no enter into this evaluate.