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IPVanish sells itself small. This VPN support features a good deal much more capacity than it encourages on its property site. If you visit the IPVanish site, you can expect to see all the standard things that you would be expecting from a VPN provider. You can find the claim that it is “the world’s best VPN” information and facts about the benefits of safe searching a record of recommendations from media shops and customers pricing and a record of apps. In other phrases, the identical things you are going to see when you visit the sites of most other VPN companies.

What IPVanish doesn’t inform you is that it is wealthy with possibilities and information and facts. While its app undoubtedly would make it simple to just simply click-and-go, if you want to make an informed server choice, choose protocols, protections, and possibilities, IPVanish presents you that capacity.

The factor is, you only learn this wealth of possibilities and searching controls once you’ve established an account and downloaded and set up the app. For end users new to VPNs, it would make perception to hide the power guiding a bunch of tabs. But IPVanish could catch the attention of much more informed end users (and influencers who endorse program to others) by supplying a tab on its site about the possibilities and power it provides to end users who dig a very little deeper.

  • IP Addresses: forty,000+
  • Servers: 1,900+
  • Places: seventy five+
  • Simultaneous connections: unlimited (terms of support apply)
  • Get rid of change: yes
  • Logging: no
  • Selling price: $10.99 per month, or $44.99 per 12 months
  • Greatest deal: $44.99 for just one whole 12 months (renewals thereafter at $89.99/12 months)
  • Demo: 30-day income-back again guarantee
  • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, routers, Amazon Hearth devices, any Android-based mostly media unit

Server collection possibilities

I like how IPVanish provides the prospect for VPN geeks to dig deeper into its relationship options. At the primary amount, there is certainly a Swift Link possibility that makes it possible for you to just press a Link button and be up and functioning.


But if you want to discover much more deeply, you can hit the Server Listing tab. I like the Map tab the best, because it reveals both of those the towns in which servers are located and the range of servers in every city.


The record see makes it possible for you to research for a place, and then form by a variety of standards.


Filter brings together both of those state specification and expected latency. I selected <50ms in the image below. Interestingly enough, I got the same list whether or not I was connected to a VPN server at the time.


You can find a different promising feature in IPVanish that’s pretty much great. IPVanish features a server standing site (really 48 webpages), which makes it possible for you to glance at every server, see how much of the server’s methods are in use, and regardless of whether general performance is in the green.


However (and this is why we pretty much actually like it, somewhat than just actually like it), you can not research the record. If you want to obtain out the standing of the two New Delhi servers, you have to hit site quantities randomly until eventually you obtain the suitable servers.

Link possibilities

IPVanish also presents you a range of relationship possibilities. You can choose concerning OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP as the lively protocol you want to use when connecting. Here’s a hint: never ever choose PPTP. Even as far back again as 2004, we have been warning that PPTP was prone to assault.


Over and above protocol choice, you can enable leak security — form of (we’ll communicate about that under). You can also enable a destroy change should your relationship to the VPN server be damaged. This will come with an vital possibility to block the site visitors on your nearby community, which could usually leak out from the abruptly open relationship.

If you are working with OpenVPN, you can choose the port you want to use. For individuals worried about regardless of whether or not your use of a VPN can be detected, you can — form of (again, much more on that under) — hide your OpenVPN site visitors, so it doesn’t glance like it is coming from a VPN. Lastly, you can set up or repair an OpenVPN driver if you so need to have to do so.

The other options tabs enable you to choose regardless of whether IPVanish begins when Windows begins, as well as set regardless of whether you want to routinely join to the last server you have been related to, or a server in a specific state.


Effectiveness testing

I set up the IPVanish app on a refreshing, entirely-up-to-date Windows 10 set up. To do this form of testing, I generally use a refreshing set up so some other company’s VPN leftovers are not clogging up the system and potentially influencing success. I have a 1 gig fiber feed, so my baseline community pace is really fast.

To deliver a honest US general performance comparison, somewhat than evaluating to my nearby fiber broadband provider, I use speedtest.net and picked a Comcast server in Chicago to check download pace. Weirdly more than enough, while I was capable to build a speedtest.net relationship to the Comcast server when related by way of my ISP, I was not able to do so working with IPVanish. The success under display connections to a Dallas server operated by CCleaner rather.

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For the objective of testing, I applied the Swift Link possibility and, for every state examined, selected the Greatest Metropolis and Greatest Server possibilities in buy to use the most optimum VPN relationship.

Over and above the US, I examined connections to Sweden, Australia, and India. For every check, I related to every server a few occasions. The range proven under is the typical consequence of all a few connections. I wished to join to servers in Russia and Taiwan, as I have done in other exams, but IPVanish doesn’t run servers in individuals international locations.

While I was related, I also ran DNS and WebRTC leak exams (to make guaranteed that DNS and IP are safe) working with DNSLeak.com, ipleak.net, and dnsleaktest.com. These exams are primary stability exams and not much much more. If you are arranging on working with IPVanish (or any VPN support) to hide your identification for everyday living and loss of life explanations, be guaranteed to do far much more substantial testing.

And with that caveat, in this article are the success:

Speed Exam Server

Baseline download pace with out VPN (increased is far better)

Ping pace with out VPN (lower is far better)

Time to join to VPN

Down load pace with VPN (increased is far better)

Ping pace with VPN (lower is far better)


Dallas – CCleaner

532.72 Mbps

50 ms

2 sec

56.51 Mbps

79 ms

Probably not

Stockholm, Sweden – Datacom

242.78 Mbps

187 ms

3 sec

25.03 Mbps

194 ms

Probably not

Moscow, Russia – Rostelecom

41.sixty six Mbps

208 ms





Taipei, Taiwan – NCIC Telecom

94.seventeen Mbps

173 ms





Perth, Australia – Telstra

157.fifty four Mbps

217 ms

eight sec

49.fifty two Mbps

264 ms

Probably not

Hyderabad, India – Excitel

239.32 Mbps

283 ms

9 sec

5.97 Mbps

372 ms

Probably not

Right off the bat, there have been two matters I discovered. Very first, VPN relationship pace was crazy fast. Lots of VPN providers choose just about fifty percent a moment to join. When connecting to a US-based mostly server, I hardly had time to start out recording the time right before the relationship was finish.

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Second, all connections semi-failed the leak exams. All the servers I examined did report possible DNS leakage working with DNSLeak.com.


While they failed to expose my property DNS server, they did expose that I was working with an IPVanish host. That signifies that businesses that want to block VPN site visitors can effortlessly do so. Considerably even worse is the implication that if you are trying to hide the truth that you are working with a VPN from governing administration authorities, IPVanish doesn’t do so. This could be catastrophic, for example, if you use the support from the UAE, which sentences jail time and too much fines for VPN usage.

In looking at these quantities, it is possible to get carried away by the change in the baseline pace compared to the VPN pace. That is not the best measurement, because these exams have been done working with broadband over fiber, so my relationship pace is really high.

When you use a VPN support, it is purely natural for general performance to fall. After all, you are functioning all your packets by way of an totally artificial infrastructure developed to hide your path. The genuine quantities you should glance at are the download pace and the ping pace. Are they high more than enough to do the do the job you need to have to do?

Ping pace is an indicator of how rapidly a reaction gets back again just after a community ask for is despatched from your computer system. Some of the constraints in this article are thanks to actual physics. If you are sending a packet across the earth, it will choose more time to listen to back again than if you are sending a packet across city.

For the international locations I examined, with the exception of India, IPVanish download general performance was really great. Considering the fact that you never actually need to have much more than about six-eight Mbps to stream High definition online video from internet sites like YouTube, the IPVanish connections have been undoubtedly fast more than enough.

India’s an interesting situation. In some other VPN exams I have done, general performance by way of a VPN was essentially unusable. With IPVanish, I obtained just about six Mbps, which is tolerable, but undoubtedly not great, especially thinking about how fast my indigenous relationship was to the Indian check server.

IPVanish also operates only two servers in India. At the time of testing, they have been both of those only hardly used.


My working experience of the general performance exams will never reflect your needs. You have to test it oneself. Very first, make guaranteed the state you want to join to is designed available by IPVanish. It has 60 international locations represented now. Second, with only a 7-day income-back again guarantee, never dawdle. Link working with IPVanish as soon as you signal up and check it out entirely to be guaranteed it will meet up with your needs right before the small refund period of time runs out.

Privacy and stability options

With no exterior auditing by an unbiased and trusted verification entity, it is extremely hard to inform regardless of whether or not any VPN organization is really hiding your tracks from governing administration authorities. That reported, the organization informed us, “We have internal and exterior counsel that we use to confirm our privacy procedures match our privacy methods.”

Owing to the gag rules inherent in several countrywide stability regulations across the earth, even with exterior auditing, it could not be possible to determine regardless of whether a VPN provider is really hiding your information and facts from governments. Is this a dilemma? That is dependent on your explanations for working with a VPN.

If you are working with a VPN to secure your Wi-Fi site visitors while browsing in a coffee shop, most VPN companies will meet up with your needs. They are encrypting and tunneling your site visitors from your computer system, by way of the open Wi-Fi community, and out to a server someplace on the web. Some reviewers say that because IPVanish is a US-based mostly organization, and as a result subject to US regulation, it has restricted stability. The truth is, in really serious circumstances, it doesn’t actually issue what state a VPN provider calls its headquarters. Governments will generally have the methods to defeat a little private company’s methods.

If you are working with a VPN to hide in any way from nation state scrutiny, no VPN is immune from intense governing administration intervention. That is why we have been careful about the leakage dialogue over. But some VPN providers do hide the truth that their end users are working with a VPN far better than IPVanish. If you just want to make guaranteed none of your nearby coffee shop patrons can obtain out in which you stay, VPNs can support. But if you are hiding from a significant spy company, well, you are using your everyday living into your individual arms.

As we talked over over, IPVanish features a variety of encryption protocols, a destroy change feature, and the means to shut down community site visitors on relationship failure. These are all great. IPVanish also states, “We never host any details or information, and never maintain relationship or action logs of our customers. This would make it somewhat simple for us to react to DMCA takedown requests.”

The base line

IPVanish is an interesting offering. On just one hand, it is best for the shopper who just wishes to be harmless while browsing, but considerably less than best for the dissident who wishes to pass information and facts to activists while not getting caught by a governing administration.

On the other hand, IPVanish features deep configuration possibilities, so if you are looking for sure types of encryption, want to specify lively options, or get included in the specific server you are routing by way of, you can. We also like how the organization makes it possible for you to have 10 simultaneous connections, which signifies you can have a full bunch of devices route by way of the support with out acquiring to interrupt connections.

In terms of price, the product or service is neither the most or the minimum high-priced of the items we’ve now appeared at. Talking subjectively and individually, I found the software a pleasure to use. What I failed to like was the small 7-day income-back again guarantee period of time. While it is undoubtedly possible to get a primary experience for the product or service in a number of times, 30 times makes it possible for for an individual who’s actively touring to choose a number of journeys and check the product or service from distinctive locations.

We’re amazed with how the organization is approaching its infrastructure. They informed us, “We individual and run our individual community, together with the servers, racks, cables, and even some stage to stage fiber connections. We put our gear in some of the best details centers through the earth, to assure 1st class pace and redundancy.”

It’s a great product or service with heaps of possibilities and a great consumer working experience. If you need to have providers in just about every state or you are some form of spy, this could not be for you. But if you want to secure your community conversation for day to day use, IPVanish is a winner.

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