How To Use Popular SEMrush Toolkit For SEO Of Your Blog

With Google updates and some other requirements to get an adsense approval, it has become a must that bloggers write rich content so they can rank in search engines. However, there is a need for keywords; it is these keywords that will help Google know where to rank each website accordingly. A keyword is a phrase that tells what is in the minds of searchers who are looking to get one information or the other from the internet. However, before writing out content, you need to know the keyword that ranks a website, which is what you will use to write your content. Before you can get those keywords, you need a tool that will tell you the amount of traffic that each keyword generates every month so you can know how to go about writing your article. Doing that requires that you get a keyword finder, there are different ones in the market, but the most popular and effective one among them is SEMrush. In other not to take so much time, let’s look at how this tool works and help bloggers rank their website in search engines.


Understand your current success

If you are a first time user of this tool, the first thing you will see after your first login is a general traffic overview screen that shows you how people react to search engine results daily or monthly. After that, you will enter your domain name; this will allow you to see the number of people that visits your website daily with your keyword. You can as well download the report so that later when you are less busy, you can sit down and see the performance of your website.


Understand your competitors

If you take an in-depth look at things, you will realize that there are blogs that are in the same niche with you, and you are both ranking with the same keyword. That is why it pays for you to know your competitors and what they are doing to help them rank their websites. Getting to know that is surely impossible if you don’t have a tool like SEMRUSH. With this tool, you will have enough reasons and confidence to understand and invest your time in meeting up with what they do to reach the top level. It may cost you time and money, but the time and money you invest are worth it, mainly if you settle for the tool.


Advertising opportunities

The reason why people rush to get Google adsense is that they want to get returns for their efforts promoting Google banners. There are website owners who would like to offer you the same price as Google. If you can take your time to contact or consult these website owners to come and place a banner on your website, you will at least be able to make more money to manage your site and tools that you use for the progress of the website.


There are lots of other ways SEMRUSH can be of great use to you. It is not limited to the explanation we made alone. What we are very sure of is that you are not making a mistake if you can invest in the tool.