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VPS Hosting entails division of a single physical server into multiple virtual server spaces. Server Virtualisation, powered by the hypervisor technology, ensures that these server spaces are isolated from each other and enjoy a dedicated allocation of resources. Thus, VPS Hosting is the perfect affordable counterpart of Dedicated Hosting. It is, in fact, one of the fascinating features and the probable cause why a majority of the entrepreneurs prefer investing in VPS Hosting. Another USP of VPS Server Hosting is the full root access to the VPS Server. So what is full root access and how to make the most of it? Let us find out!

What is Full Root Access? 

In simple terms, full root access implies that the website owners get total control over the server. It can also be said that by obtaining full root access, one can directly own the server or to be specific, the virtual server space allocated to the user. Users with root access have maximum control over the server. They are granted all possible privileges to interact with the server, access different files, change or modify the settings, and become the administrator of the server. Setting up different applications or installing them across the server is another thing that’s possible with full root access. 

Good VPS Hosting India providers offer plans that grant you the ease to attain full root access to the server, improving the server functionality. 

Leveraging Benefits of Full Root Access

  • Server Customisation: Certainly, there are multiple things that can be done with full root access offered by VPS Hosting plans. To start, the first thing that every website owner can do with full root access is to modify and customise the server. If needed, the PHP version can be updated, or additional plugins can be installed on the server to enhance its overall usability. 
  • Email Information: With full root access, users can extract significant information relating to who has visited the website and when. Also, if there have been emails sent, website owners can easily track the time and location of the origin. Checking spam is also easy when one has the root access to the server. All in all, business owners can have better control over the site and likewise, take measures to simplify business operations. 
  • Manage Accounts: Management of the websites and other accounts associated with the same become easier as the owner would now exercise all powers. Having said that, it becomes easier to merge different accounts or restrict access to these accounts, which can further secure the infrastructure, leading to a better hosting environment. The admin can keep an eye on the users accessing the server and further, assign roles to all ensuring that only the trusted ones have total access to the server. 
  • Modify SQL and additional files: If required, website owners can effectively alter the server time zone of their MySQL database, or use FastCGI to modify or optimise the php.ini files for every user. Additional third party software can be set up to manage and monitor website performance. 

Final Word

While there could be an array of things one can do to effectively utilise the full root access of VPS Hosting and benefit from it, the details depend on the requirements of the business. In case users do not have the needed technical expertise, they can switch to Managed VPS Hosting and seek help from the experts.