The color of the logo, along with its shape, instantly transmits the impulse that characterizes the nature of the image to our subconscious. This is one of the most powerful non-verbal means to use when designing a logo. Our perception reacts very actively to color, and the received signals form some kind of images. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right design element. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it. And Turbologo online designer will help you create the perfect logo.

What is a logo

The logo is one of the main elements of corporate identity, presented in graphic form. It is an important part of the brand and significantly influences the public perception of the company, being an indispensable part of its personalization. No one will dispute the importance of a first impression, and a unique sign helps create the best possible impression. Statistics show that 48% of consumers become more loyal to a brand if they like its visual presentation.

Color Meanings


Red is versatile. In psychology, it can be associated both with passion, beauty and love, as well as with war, anger and destruction. But notice, marketers and advertisers love to highlight important details with this shade. Red is also perceived as energy and impulsiveness. Website designers are trying to bring this shade into logos, for example, you can take the YouTube logo, where red dominates. But it can also cause negative psychological perception if you overdo it and highlight too many details with this color. As you know, everything needs a measure.


Psychologists distinguish orange as the younger brother of red. They have similar properties. Orange shades also focus attention, but affect the brain softer, causing less aggression. Cause only joyful and cheerful feelings. However, it is worth noting that an excess of orange can still cause aggression, but to a lesser extent, it is more likely to repel potential buyers. Note that travel companies like to focus on the “buy tour” button in orange. In general, it will look harmoniously with the theme of entertainment and sports, many sports clubs actively use it in their advertising.


Yellow, from the point of view of psychology, is associated with joy and warmth, but it is also designed to focus attention. For example, a yellow traffic light at an intersection. Yellow is used by catering and transportation brands. One notable example is McDonald’s. The developers of its logo tried to please customers and inspire warm joyful feelings. If you go too far with yellow, you can cause opposite feelings of fear and anxiety, so you should be careful.


Green color has acquired a stable meaning of the shade of life and nature. In addition, it has the ability to calm and inspire faith and a sense of reliability. Pharmaceutical companies especially like to use this color for making advertisements. Some cosmetics companies also actively use green shades, showing that their products are completely natural. Some brands even produce entire lines of à la naturel, where the key color of the packaging is green.


It so happened that blue is masculine, many men’s clothing companies use this color. The most striking example – men’s toilet water almost always has blue or blue blotches in the package or consists entirely of these shades. Blue is also associated with freedom, reliability and tranquility. This color is present in politics, the flags of the states are made using this color. The most popular flag of the European Union also has a blue color and corresponding symbols. This color is used in IT technologies, it is considered one of the most comfortable for the eyes. Therefore, it is most often used to create interfaces.


One of the most difficult to use in advertising and business. It evokes different emotions in men and women. If the female half finds it a color symbolizing a dream, power, sophistication. Now men do not like him, he seems to them a complex color that characterizes instability and deceit. This must be taken into account when creating a logo.


This is another controversial color. It can be characterized with tragedy, death and mourning. But on the other hand, he has a number of fans who perceive him as the personification of elegance and style. It goes well with all colors. That’s just the combination with red is controversial. Some consider this a classic, but psychologists say that this is the most disadvantageous color mixing, since red adds aggression and drama.


White is the color of purity and innocence. If you use this color to promote medical and cosmetic products, you can emphasize the safety of products. Also, this color is a template, it is used by many companies. If you combine white with other shades correctly, you can add dynamism to the overall picture.

How to choose a logo color

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself 3 questions:

What color emphasizes the personality of your brand?

What colors characterize your products/services?

What color is your competitor using?

The colors are not tied to any particular industry, but certain colors are better suited to some services/products than others.

You should strive to choose a color that highlights your company’s personality. The color should make the right impression on customers who see your logo for the first time. Above we talked about the characteristics of each color. Based on them, you will be able to make the right choice.

That’s all! We hope that our article will help you create the perfect logo for your brand. Good luck!

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