Senior citizens often struggle with Internet technology. Guide your father on prepaid recharge so that he need not depend on you for the same.

Till date, ever since your father got a prepaid phone connection, you have been recharging it for him. It started with buying prepaid scratch cards, then you moved on to online recharge.

Your father may not be well-versed with Internet usage, and he is often confused about accessing the apps on his phone. So, you continue to do the recharge for him. But what happens if you are out of the city, or if you forget to the do the prepaid recharge? His phone services might be affected if the pack is not recharged on time. Apart from slow speeds, he might find that his outgoing services are barred.

The best way out of this potential problem area, is to empower your father to do the prepaid recharge himself. Install a good recharge app like the myAirtel app on his phone and help him through the process a few times till he gets it right.

Fast, easy, convenient – online recharge with myAirtel app

We recommend installing the myAirtel app on your father’s smartphone. He doesn’t need to be an Airtel subscriber to do the recharge using the app. Non-Airtel subscribers can use it to recharge phones and DTH, and also pay bills for utilities, postpaid connections and broadband Internet.

  • Install the myAirtel app on your dad’s phone and set it up using his phone number.
  • Hit the option for ‘Recharge’ shown on the home screen.You get 100{36a394957233d72e39ae9c6059652940c987f134ee85c6741bc5f1e7246491e6} cashback on recharging for Rs 399 and Rs 448. Plus, when you recharge for Rs 199, you get access to Airtel TV premium and Zee 5 apps, and a whole bunch of latest TV shows and films.
  • Check how much balance your father has left on the existing pack. If he is an Airtel user, he can pick from the quick recharge options listed on the screen. Alternatively, guide him to bypass this option and go directly to inputting his preferred recharge amount. He will not receive the quick recharge option if he is not an Airtel user.
  • If your father is paying via debit/credit card, you can save the card details on the app and explain the same to him. Don’t worry, the card details are encrypted and fully protected on the app. Plus the prepaid recharge takes place much quicker when the card details are already saved.
  • Hit ‘Recharge now’ and enter the recharge amount he wishes to pay. The recharge is now complete and your father can continue using the connection.
  • Let your dad practice doing the next few recharges by himself. Pretty soon, he will know exactly how to do it without coming to you for help.

If your dad is more comfortable using his laptop to do the recharge, then you can guide him on accessing the service provider’s website to complete the recharge process.