Two of our most modern products roundups right here from the CNET Sensible Home staff are rundowns of the ideal air purifiers and the ideal tower fans. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 created an visual appearance on equally lists, for the reason that it is both. At a significant retail rate of $550 (£500, AU$799) the sleek-seeking, HEPA filter-equipped equipment claims to purify the air in your home while simultaneously casting a cooling breeze from facet to facet. Many thanks to a designed-in Wi-Fi radio, you can management the factor remotely and monitor your home’s air quality from an app on your cell phone, or transform it on and off making use of voice instructions with Siri or Alexa.


  • Double performance as equally an air purifier and a tower lover
  • Near silent general performance except at greatest speeds
  • Liquid crystal display monitor tends to make it effortless to make knowledgeable changes at a glance
  • App controls permit you monitor air quality or use your cell phone as a distant
  • Supports voice controls via Alexa or Siri
  • Wonderful-seeking style accessible in a number of colors, consists of magnetic distant

Will not Like

  • Air purification just isn’t demonstrably greater than equipment that expense hundreds much less
  • Dyson’s general performance statements aren’t backed by standardized, 3rd-celebration exams
  • No Google Assistant integration
  • Two-calendar year guarantee would seem a minor small at this rate

As he tackled the tower fans, CNET’s Ry Crist came to take pleasure in the TP04’s bells and whistles and its near-silent general performance, and named it a worthy enhance decide on for individuals inclined to expend. Dave Priest, in the meantime, was much less enthused about the TP04 in his produce-up on air purifiers, and questioned no matter whether it was seriously any greater than top rated-doing air purifiers that expense hundreds much less (3rd-celebration tests indicates that it just isn’t). 

Now, the two of us are teaming up to occur to a consensus on the TP04. In a way, we are equally appropriate. No matter if you happen to be seeking for a tower lover or an air purifier, the TP04 is clearly additional machine than most individuals need to have, and there are plenty of alternate options that can take care of a incredibly hot, stuffy home for hundreds much less. For individuals who want to retain a closer eye on air quality in their home — who would take pleasure in a device’s helpful nudges when, say, a Saharan dust cloud is approaching — the TP04 is a justifiable bit of excess.

Most individuals, nevertheless, will be greater served by saving their income and opting for one thing much less subtle but just as practical.

Pure Dyson style

From vacuum cleaners and desk lamps to hair stylers and hand dryers, Dyson is virtually synonymous with daring, present day style, and the British company’s air-purifying tower fans are no exception. Accessible in the US in five colors, the TP04 is a sleek status symbol for your residing place or bed room, and about as good-seeking as air purifiers or tower fans get.

The color-coded air quality score on the front of the machine tends to make it effortless to see when the degree of pollutants in the air is growing.

Ry Crist/CNET

With a acquainted elliptical form, a lover in the base that blows air up and out via vents in the loop, and the same, nifty magnetic distant that docks on top rated, the style hasn’t adjusted much at all more than the years. Save for the addition of an Liquid crystal display monitor on the front of the machine, it is almost not possible to notify the TP04 apart from its Pure Cool predecessors at a glance. The style wasn’t broke, and Dyson did not repair it.

Will not be much too swift to gloss more than that Liquid crystal display monitor. It can be a subtle factor, but possessing a visible indicator of actual-time air quality situations empowers you to make swift, knowledgeable changes at a glance. That is a meaningful enhance, and a person that tends to make it much a lot easier to come to feel like you happen to be making use of the TP04 appropriately.

Faucet a button on the distant, and you can cycle the screen between a color-coded air quality score, a actual-time air quality line graph, the ambient place temperature or humidity, amounts of specific styles of pollutants like allergens, or the filter status. If you locate the monitor distracting, you can activate the Evening Mode environment to routinely dim it down. All of it feels thoughtful — and properly significant-conclusion, offered the rate.

Cloudy general performance statements

Most air purifiers can be judged by a blend of factors: how very well they filter particulates out of the air, and how much air they cycle via in an hour. Dyson’s HEPA-accredited filter will reliably remove 99.ninety seven{36a394957233d72e39ae9c6059652940c987f134ee85c6741bc5f1e7246491e6} of particulates of .three micrometers in mass — a especially tricky size to capture — which means it should really remove the wide greater part of pollen, smoke particles, aerosol droplets and other irritants that may possibly be floating about your home. It also has an activated carbon filter, which will capture odors and gaseous pollutants, until eventually the carbon is saturated, which comes about relatively immediately with most buyer-grade air purifiers.


An within glance at the TP04’s HEPA filter (left) and activated carbon filter (appropriate).

Ry Crist/CNET

The TP04 capabilities flawlessly very well as an oscillating tower lover, and while it just isn’t fairly as whisper-tranquil as our top rated tower lover for small-quantity general performance, the Honeywell QuietSet, it is nonetheless much less noisy than regular, maxing out at forty eight decibels at shut vary. When it comes to air biking, Dyson’s bona fides are a minor more challenging to confirm than other air purifiers on the marketplace. The company would not post to the same Association of Home Equipment Producers exams — which make helpful purifier-to-place size recommendations — as most competition, for the reason that it statements, individuals exams do not mirror actual-lifetime use situations.

In its place of tests for cleanse air supply rate, which AHAM verifies, Dyson submits to its possess test, which capabilities a much bigger place with 9 sensors positioned at intervals about it. The declare: Dyson’s oscillating lover allows flow into air additional correctly than other air purifiers, which without the need of powerful fans may just generate cleanse air bubbles about by themselves.

Dyson’s products, potentially predictably, performs very well in its possess tests atmosphere.

The trouble is that independent researchers we have spoken with at duration expressed self confidence in AHAM’s exams — and we have seen no evidence to recommend that very well-rated air purifiers generate the “cleanse air bubble” Dyson has instructed they do. What’s additional, 3rd-celebration tests like Wirecutter’s hasn’t turned up considerably greater results in big rooms for Dyson than its competition.

In small, the air about Dyson’s cleaning statements just isn’t especially distinct, and its $550 rate tag very well outstrips demonstrably stable home air purifiers designed for big rooms — this sort of as the superb $250 Honeywell Home. If you love the style, Dyson’s Pure Cool will glance awesome and very likely do its work in your home. But if you happen to be not completely enamored with the extras, you can locate greater doing purifiers for much less than 50 {36a394957233d72e39ae9c6059652940c987f134ee85c6741bc5f1e7246491e6} the rate. Make that a tenth of the rate if all you happen to be seeking for is a good tower lover.


Screenshots by Ry Crist/CNET

All about the app

Connecting the TP04 with the Dyson Connection app is uncomplicated plenty of — just plug it in and adhere to the pairing guidelines on your cell phone. The moment it is on your home’s Wi-Fi community, you are going to be able to monitor air quality and adjust configurations from the app. There are also swift guidelines for how to pair the machine with Alexa or Siri, which allows you transform the machine on and off, or toggle its configurations with your voice. That is a terrific option, but it is a disgrace the TP04 would not help Google Assistant voice controls, much too.

The configurations accessible in the app go above and outside of most air purifiers and tower fans. For starters, you can adjust the lover velocity on a ten-position scale or adjust the oscillation angle between 4 distinctive configurations: 45, ninety, one hundred eighty or 350 levels. You can set a rest timer for as minor as fifteen minutes or as extensive as 9 hours. If you want to operate the purifier without the need of casting a breeze across the place, you can reverse the airflow route so it blows backwards. The app will also permit you generate a weekly program, exactly where the TP04 will operate at your most well-liked configurations at specific occasions on specific times.

Together with Alexa, the TP04 supports Siri voice instructions.

Screenshot by Ry Crist/CNET

If you just want the TP04 to do whatsoever it desires in buy to retain air quality exceptional, you can set it to operate in Auto Mode. If you happen to be making use of it in a bed room and you do not want Auto Mode to crank up to its noisiest configurations while you happen to be making an attempt to rest, you can activate Evening Mode at the same time to cap the fan’s velocity at 50{36a394957233d72e39ae9c6059652940c987f134ee85c6741bc5f1e7246491e6}. All of it operates flawlessly, and it allows you use the machine nevertheless you like.

As for the air quality metrics, the app’s home monitor takes advantage of your ZIP code to monitor situations in your area together with what it is registering within your home. With a tap, you can pull up a collection of line graphs exhibiting all round air quality in your home, as very well as specific metrics like the degree of unstable natural compounds or allergens. You can also monitor ambient temperature and humidity more than time, which is great data to have on hand.

A modern temperature phenomenon right here in Louisville, Kentucky gave us a good possibility to test all of that out. An enormous cloud of Saharan dust created its way across the Atlantic and settled more than the southeastern US (2020, amirite). Regional meteorologists warned of bad air quality as a end result — specifically, an excess of PM2.five and PM10-sized pollutants. Sure plenty of, that’s exactly what the TP04’s sensors started to detect.

In Auto Mode, the TP04 right away cranked by itself up to the greatest configurations to test to get individuals quantities down. Steadily, the app’s line graphs for each and every kind of pollutant started to slide. Just after an hour or two, almost everything was back in green territory. At that position, we turned Auto Mode off and set the TP04 to 50{36a394957233d72e39ae9c6059652940c987f134ee85c6741bc5f1e7246491e6}. That wasn’t plenty of — the lines begun creeping back up into yellow and toward pink. Evidently, Saharan dust is no joke, and the TP04 necessary to operate at comprehensive blast in buy to take care of it.

What’s critical is that Dyson’s Auto Mode was intelligent plenty of to identify the obstacle, and the app in depth plenty of to let us to monitor it in actual time. That is a degree of management that should really make sure you electric power buyers and temperature nerds alike.


Ry Crist/CNET

The verdict

At $550, the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 is properly extravagant and comprehensive-featured, but it just isn’t demonstrably greater at its main work than air purifiers or tower fans that expense considerably much less. Like most items at Dyson, the in-house general performance statements are the products of good engineering. That leaves it to the significant-conclusion style and the app-enabled capabilities to seriously justify the sky-significant inquiring rate. For most of us, they most likely do not.

Nonetheless, the TP04 operates very well and appears to be terrific, and it gives a degree of meaningful air quality management that you will not get with other air purifiers. If that’s additional interesting to you than a standard set-and-forget equipment, then Dyson’s air multiplier may possibly make perception as a luxury obtain. If not, you happen to be greater off searching for a much less high-priced choice.