I have obtained some very good robotic vacuums to assessment, and I have also seen some inadequately created robotic vacuums. Having said that, the
Dreame Bot W10

may be the very best robotic vacuum I have ever seen.

This robotic vacuum not only sweeps the particles from your flooring and carpets, but it has two rotating mop pads beneath the device that rotate to scrub the ground as it mops.

Moreover, the robotic will return to its dwelling foundation to wash these mops right after a specified area has been cleaned and go out to cleanse again.

Even far better than that, there are two tanks in the foundation station, just one for cleanse source drinking water and just one for the dirty drinking water taken out from the mops.

And if you assume that is wonderful more than enough, when the robotic has completed its scheduled cleanse, it will go back to the foundation, wash and even dry the mop pads.

I do not have more than enough superlatives to exclaim just how wonderful this robotic is. But first, down to the specifics.


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  • Massive dirty drinking water tank
  • Simple to link to app
  • Rotary mopping pads
  • Cleans and dries mopping pads right after use

You should not Like

  • No cleaning fluid integrated in the box
  • Onboard dustbin a very little tiny

Inside of the box — which is significantly more substantial and heavier than any other robotic vacuum I have reviewed about the final 3 several years — are the robotic and a substantial foundation station/mopping washboard foundation.

There are two mopping pads that suit on to spindles on the robot’s foundation, just one facet brush, a ability wire, and a cleaning resource. There is also a extensive consumer manual.

The Desire Bot W10 robotic vacuum and mop has a utmost suction ability of 4000Pa — up there with the most impressive robotic vacuums on the market, these as the
iLife V9e cyclone

the Dreame Bot L10 Pro

 and the
Neabot NoMo Q11


This quantity of suction ability tends to make a massive distinction on carpets — in particular further pile carpets. The W10 will recognise carpets and raise its suction to utmost when crossing on to carpets.

When in mopping mode, the robotic will steer clear of carpets and rugs and navigate spherical rugs. It will sweep and mop at the same time, so you do not need to have to have a 2nd robotic for your hard flooring.

The W10 robotic vacuum has an typical-sized 546ml onboard dustbin, but it is crucial to take note that there is no vehicle-empty station on this robotic vacuum.

The massive charging station has two four.8L tanks — just one for cleanse and just one for dirty drinking water.

At the back of the charging station foundation plate, there are fixed plastic bumpers which are utilised to scrub the rotating mop pads to get rid of the dirt.

Connecting the Dreame Bot W10 robotic vacuum and mop to its Xiaomi Residence app is very simple. In contrast to the shenanigans I had with the
Neabot NoMo N2 robotic vacuum

 this month, connecting to my 2.4GHz Wi-Fi was a breeze.

After just one move, the W10 regarded diverse rooms in my room so that I could create no-go and no-mop zones.

You do not have to use the app if you do not want to. You can use your voice assistant to commence and end the robotic, or you can push the button on the best of the device for an immediate cleanse.

Dreame Bot W10 self-cleaning robot vacuum and mop review top of the range cleaning from an almost perfect vacuum zdnet

Eileen Brown

Having said that, the Xiaomi Residence app is practical for setting cleaning schedules, controlling how much drinking water you want to use for mopping, and how many situations you want to cleanse the room.

Dreame Bot W10 self-cleaning robot vacuum and mop review top of the range cleaning from an almost perfect vacuum zdnet

Eileen Brown

I established the Dreame Bot W10 to cleanse diverse regions of my room, configuring zones and rooms to cleanse at diverse situations of the working day. 

I have configured the Dreame Bot W10 to depart its dock to wash 3 rooms.

It will wash a precise area, 5, ten or fifteen sq. metres, then will return to its charging station, wash its mops and return to the room to finish cleaning.

I found that if I established the mop to return right after cleaning fifteen sq. metres, the mop turned a very little dry towards the conclude of its run  – even nevertheless my settings were on the wettest mop setting accessible.

Setting it to ten or even 5 sq. metres meant that I could see the moist stripe on the flooring as the device glided past.

I am ashamed at how dirty the drinking water is, contemplating that the robotic has been washing the same flooring 3 situations for every working day for about a 7 days — and I am the only human residing in this room.

Dreame Bot W10 self-cleaning robot vacuum and mop review top of the range cleaning from an almost perfect vacuum zdnet

Dirty drinking water right after a each day cleanse

Eileen Brown

I suppose that it is laudable that the Desire Bot W10 can select up so much dirt right after washing the flooring so many situations.

I emptied the dirty drinking water tank and replenished the cleanse drinking water tank each day.

Dreame advises that only drinking water is utilised in its tank, but it will shortly supply small foaming cleaning fluid from its Amazon Outlets webpage.

I assume that for these an highly-priced merchandise, I would anticipate there to be a bottle of cleaning fluid in the box as it is on the
ILife Shinebot W450


Other issues I had with the W10 were down to my very own laziness.

I am not utilised to emptying the onboard dustbin as many robotic vacuums I assessment now have an vehicle-empty station. I held forgetting this very simple task.

Having said that, with 3 situations for every working day cleaning, I had to replenish the fresh drinking water and empty the dirty drinking water each day, but it did choose many times prior to this turned into a pattern.

I anticipate that the foundation station would have to be a great deal more substantial to accommodate a dust bag in addition to the two drinking water tanks.

A different niggle was about the foundation plate. This is watertight, so it will not hurt your hard flooring. Dreame Tech suggests that you unclip the foundation plate mop washboard and wash it each two weeks.

The scraping bar fins for the mop and the configuration of the washboard implies that this is a fiddly job – very best cleaned with a soapy moist paintbrush to get into all of the corners.

Having said that, I am nit-choosing below and attempting to obtain some thing I do not like about the W10 – there is very little not to adore with this robotic cleaner.

All in all, for
$1089 the Dreame Bot W10 robotic vacuum

 is a best-of-the-selection, superior-conclude sweeping, mopping robotic vacuum.

At present, with a 23% price cut applying the code DREAME48 you have up to December twenty fifth, you can seize on your own a bargain for $834.55

Established your zones, schedules, no go regions, and remember to empty the onboard dustbin and keep the drinking water tanks each day.

Once this gets to be a pattern for you, this robotic vacuum will supply everything you need to have for fuss-free of charge cleaning.