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Dell U2722DE review: A combined monitor, KVM and USB hub is bliss

In the earth of working from household, you are very likely to have two devices that you do the job from: The corporate provided formal device that you should really be making use of for do the job and your dwelling equipment that you use right after several hours, or alternatively, do as significantly do the job as attainable on.

For the previous 18 months, my do the job devices have possibly lived in a bag right up until needed, or alongside some former business remnants on a desk with a now redundant check, USB hub, keyboard, and mouse for those situations when I certainly wanted to use the do the job laptop computer. Switching concerning gadgets intended bodily switching desks, a thing that I was fortunate sufficient to be ready to could squeeze into just one space.

But this arrangement was immediately outmoded when the Dell U2722DE appeared in my lifestyle — and there is certainly no going back.


  • Dell U-collection panel delivers for function purposes
  • USB hub and DisplayPort daisy chaining is a cable management gamechanger
  • Switching the display and inputs between desktop and laptop computer is good

Never Like

  • Highly-priced and really hard to discover
  • Photograph-in-photo is just not a prime advertising level

The initial thing this observe does is grow to be the centre of your setup, thanks to its USB hub performance and sheer quantity of ports. It has a person upstream USB-C port for info and 90 watts of electric power, a further upstream info-only USB-C port, just one downstream USB-C port that offers 15 watts of electric power, four USB 3.2 Gen2 ports rated at 10Gbps, an RJ45 networking port, just one DisplayPort as input from a computer system and yet another DisplayPort for daisy chaining, a single HDMI port for that aged-faculty really feel, and a headphone jack.

The idea with this check is rather than plugging into a desktop or notebook, you join the peripheral to the watch and then have a single cord go again to a computer system or laptop around USB-C if you can, or in my desktop’s scenario, just one DisplayPort cable and a one USB cable. If you’ve got employed a USB hub, this is the exact exact state of affairs, even though it is nevertheless mindbending to realise the Ethernet connectivity is handed from the keep an eye on to the desktop, which also signifies when a machine is chosen as the input, the wired connectivity drops.

Working with the U2722DE will not magically flip your present cable mess into some kind of Marie Kondo-impressed delight, after all, the cables however have to plug in someplace, but instead than possessing a mess behind the desk running to the desktop, and from time to time getting displays and extras in non-ideal positions thanks to cable lengths, it’s simpler to form and much a lot more available with the U2722DE participating in intermediary.

At minimum just one cable that no for a longer time runs all the way again to the desktop is the DisplayPort cable that connects to one of my screens, as it is daisy chained off the U2722DE.

For the earlier number of weeks I have experienced a laptop sitting down below a trio of screens: An older Dell U-collection connected to a desktop, the U2722DE in the centre, and an additional U-sequence daisychained off the U2722DE.

In this setup, the still left screen is completely hooked up to the desktop through DisplayPort, and the two on the correct are in a position to switch in between the desktop and laptop many thanks to the built-in KVM inside of the U2722DE and daisy chaining the screens via DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (MST).

Theoretically there is a GPU and/or DisplayPort 1.2 MST limitation on the number of pixels that can be pushed via MST, but with a 2560×1440 resolution on the U2722DE and 1920×1200 on a U2415 there have been no problems, but chaining a third keep track of can thrust the specifications. In my case, the Nvidia 1060 in the Linux desktop experienced no challenge with 3 displays chained up, but the 8th era ThinkPad X1 Carbon functioning Windows could not tackle the laptop show as effectively as 3 chained screens, and generally required a single of the exterior screens disabled.

Where by the uncluttering seriously will come into play is the KVM switch in the check. Making use of two distinctive devices through the working day no for a longer period demands me to depart my seat as the check permits me to improve the enter amongst the desktop DisplayPort and laptop USB-C relationship. That suggests the redundant desk and setup could head somewhere else, if I can find a area for them other than the bin.

One feature that Dell touts about the U2722DE is the skill to have a picture-in-photo exactly where one machine’s output will overlay the second. Possessing made use of it, there are a handful of reasons why I continue to be with switching inputs in between the various equipment rather than making use of image-in-photo. For just one, it disables DisplayPort daisy chaining, which not only sends the screen configuration haywire if the equipment expects the entire enhance of screens but also can make the laptop computer complain endlessly that it has a misbehaving USB link until the USB-C cable is eliminated and place again in.

Or else, the perspective is a scaled down variation of what would be demonstrated on the show, so it is tricky to examine text, and most of the possibilities contain an overlay, which usually means you are sacrificing viewability on the U2722DE as perfectly. There is an option for a split down the middle but the 27-inch U2722DE isn’t really fairly huge plenty of to make this get the job done properly, but it truly is one thing that can be employed in a pinch.

The killer blow although is the only way to swap which device receives USB connectivity is interacting with the back again of the screen exactly where the knob to run the monitor’s menu life. So switching inputs is a little bit clunky at most effective.

Specified these tradeoffs and the approach to switch in between USB and keep an eye on enter is basically the exact, I locate it is easier to just change the input of the U2722DE holus-bolus and have it, as effectively as the daisy chained display, change among machines.

As a monitor review, at some place the actual panel made use of in this watch should really be talked over. It is a 27-inch IPS Quad Hd panel, and as aspect of the UltraSharp sequence, it does not refresh with the sort of significant hertz that gamers could want, but for everybody else it is a great panel normal of the U-collection.

As you might have guessed from the style of screens all around it, I am rather partial to the U-sequence and like the additional accurate colors compared to the prior Dell S-series keep track of I utilised that most well-liked a extra washed out glance.

Just one spot wherever I come to feel Dell has headed backwards is in ditching the conventional buttons and changing them with an outsized energy button and a joystick manage on the again of the watch. This suggests just about every time you want to change among products, or accessibility a menu, you have to have to guess at exactly where the joystick is. The guesses get far better, but they are still guesses. By contrast, the S-sequence had buttons on the underside of the bezel, which was a much far better solution.

If you simply just want this panel devoid of the full hub and KVM goodness, the Dell U2722D exists, and costs a bit about AU$100 less at the time of writing at AU$700.

Even so, if you are going to shell out that amount for a observe, the complete AU$820 value tag of the U2722DE is not much extra, specifically when USB hubs by themselves can expense numerous hundreds of pounds on their possess. In my intellect at the very least, it truly is served offset the significant price by eradicating a USB hub from my everyday living.

The primary purpose you could possibly not acquire this check although is that it’s terribly tricky to obtain. Several spots have both shown it as out of inventory or taken a guess at when it could be restocked, with individuals estimates becoming quite a few months in the long run.

If you determine you want this observe and you see one particular offered, jump on it though you can as stock does seem to be definitely confined.

Provide concerns aside, this keep an eye on is a satisfying revelation that has allowed me to simplify my setup — by earning it far more advanced with a KVM in the center — with the excellent of the panel currently being a attractive bonus.

Updated at 11:37am AEDT, 29 January 2022: Removed wired keyboard and mouse demands.

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